Productivity Guide: A 4-Step Process for Starting Every Day Productively

starting every day productively
starting every day productively
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Imagine starting the new year off on a strong note – one that will carry enough momentum throughout the rest of the year to help you achieve the goals that you are setting for yourself. 

See, many of us are the type of individuals who wake up, rush out the door, head to either work or school, and accomplish only the things that we need to get done. 

Once we get home, only then do we realize how much more there is to actually get done – how much more we need to do to make strides towards achieving our goals. 

Think of goal setting almost like a job promotion. You can set goals all you want just as you can hope to get a promotion all you want. But until you go above and beyond and put in the work necessary to get that job promotion, you are not going to be rewarded with it, just like you aren’t going to achieve your goals unless you go above and beyond what you are already currently doing. 

We are excellent at doing this. We are excellent at accomplishing the work that we need to get done – work that only is building the dreams of others – instead of making progress towards the work that we actually want to be doing. 

Not any longer. That all ends today. It’s time we reclaim control of our lives, do the things that are going to set us up to be successful, and make ourselves our own number one priority. It’s time that we start being more productive and turning our goals into our reality. 

While I have struggled with this in the past, I want to share with you a 4-step process that has helped me in starting every day productively. 

1. Plan the night before. 

Whether it is on your phone, a notebook, or if you have a daily planner, write down what you have planned for the following day. This is important because if we procrastinate to the day of, we tend to forget what it is that we actually need to accomplish. 

Once you wake up, you already have a certain morning routine that you follow. I guess I can only speak for myself, but when I get into my morning routine, no outside thoughts are really entering my mind. I know what my morning routine looks like, the things that I need to do before I head off to work, and really, anything else that comes to my mind is basically white noise in the sense that I don’t pay attention to it. 

Trust me, it’s going to be more beneficial for you to plan your day the night before when you are more relaxed and your mind is actually able to think instead of already being in “routine-mode.”

2. Create an organized environment.

Being organized plays a crucial role in starting every day productively. If you are not organized, there is a good chance that you will be spending your time running around looking for car keys, wondering where you set your phone, and all of these unnecessary distractions. 

Do you know what this is called? 

Wasted time. 

The more organized you are, the more you know where everything around you is. This also helps to free your mind of clutter, and the less clutter that your mind is filled with, the more it is able to think and learn. 

To be more organized, keep a daily planner, keep your room cleaned (I am terrible at this one by the way), and just keep your life tidy as best as you can. 

3. Create a strong morning routine. 

You would be surprised, but having a morning routine can be the difference in accomplishing a lot in a single day, or accomplishing very little. 

I’m not saying that you need a morning routine in order to start every day productively, but if you are a person who finds themselves rushing throughout the day only to come home at night with little to no energy left to accomplish the tasks that you want to get done, then creating a morning routine might be something to look into. 

Maybe you aren’t somebody who enjoys sleeping in. That’s completely fine. Lay out your clothes the night before, get your bag ready, and map out your day so that when you do wake up in the morning, you aren’t as stressed. Who knows, maybe you will even find some spare time to start working towards your goals. 

4. Wake your butt up early.

You knew that it was coming. Probably the best thing that you can do for yourself to be more productive throughout the day is to wake up earlier. Thirty minutes, one hour, two hours. Whatever it might be, challenge yourself to wake up earlier. 

I used to be the person who would wake up at 6:50 and hope to be out the door headed to work by 7:10. Imagine how stressful my mornings were, especially when I had misplaced something and had to spend time looking for it. 

I would go to work, spend all of my energy pursuing somebody else’s dreams, and come home hoping that I had enough energy to do half of the things that I wanted to accomplish for the day. In the end, I was never able to find that energy. 

Fast forward a year to this morning. I woke up at 5:30, got in a 4-mile run and spent 30-minutes weightlifting, went and grabbed a coffee, and am now at home writing. The best part is that I still have thirty minutes before I need to leave for work. 

Once you start waking up early, you find the time to make yourself your number one priority. If you want to be productive on a daily basis, then you need to find that time for yourself to work towards the goals that you have – and you need to do this while you have the energy necessary to accomplish your goals. 

Final Thoughts

Those who are productive with their time are the individuals who often find the most success. Everything that you do in your life is a decision that only you can make. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If something means enough to you, then find the time to achieve it, stay organized to help your mind stay clear and sharp, and be as productive with your time as you possibly can. 

Make this upcoming year your best one yet. Make it your most productive one yet. And if you do, it will also be your most successful year yet.

Michael Bonnell

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