How To Actually Start Enjoying Life

start enjoying life
start enjoying life

Daily Blog #248

Want to start enjoying your life more? Want to be the happiest person that you have ever been, and live a life that you are proud to be living? Then all you need to do is to start doing more of the things that you actually enjoy doing.

Pretty simple advice, right? Sure, it might seem like simple advice, but it is something that we all struggle with.

See, we live in a society where we are taught that if we want to live a good life, and if we want to be happy, then we need to be incredibly successful, be extremely talented, be liked by all of our peers, have a lot of money, have a lot of power, and/or have a high, upper class social status.

If we don’t have at least one of these things, then it almost seems as if we are… irrelevant? We get trapped into this game of comparing ourselves to others, and doing whatever it takes to be better than the person standing besides us. A game that consists of conforming our lives for the recognition and approval of others. All of a sudden, the life that we are living becomes one big competition in which we lose all sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Where’s the fun in that?

I want you to do something. Take a moment and reflect on some of the things that make you happy in life. What are some of the things that you like doing in your spare time?

Do you like lying on the couch while reading a good book? Do you like going on spur of the moment cross country roadtrips with your best friends? Do you like waking up and taking your dog on a walk around the neighborhood? Or maybe you even like sitting out in your garden on a hot summer day plucking the weeds to make it look perfect. Okay, if that last one is you, then I have to give you major credit, because never in a million years will I be doing that.

But it doesn’t matter what it is that you enjoy doing in your spare time. If you truly enjoy doing something, and if it makes you happy, then ask yourself something – why are you not doing more of it? Why are you not spending your time doing the things that make you happy in life, and why not do more of the things that you actually enjoy doing?

If you want to spend your weekends reading a book, then do it. If you want to start a business because you enjoy the process of creating something from nothing, then do it. If you want to take a two month vacation from your job to travel the world with nothing but a backpack full of clothes and a few dollars, then do it. Your life is in yours, and in only your hands. Whatever you enjoy doing, do more of it. Live your adventure whatever way makes you happy.

Now I realize that not everything in life is going to be fun. Take your job for example. While there are a million other things that you would rather be doing, work also doesn’t have to suck. Yes, it helps to pay the bills and provides you with money to live your life, but if you don’t enjoy your job, then find a different job. Find a job where you feel valued, find a job that you are good at, and find a job that you enjoy.

It’s not just with a job, it is with anything in life. If you don’t like something, then change it up or stop doing it. Your life is not meant to be doing the things that make you miserable. But you also need to realize that you are the only person that can change your life to be doing more of the things that you enjoy doing.

So don’t live your life just to be ordinary. Don’t live your life just going through the days and waiting for happiness to find you, or for your dreams to become a reality. Create the life that you have always wanted to live, live your life for the beautiful and precious gift that it is, and do more of the things that you enjoy doing. That is how you will actually start enjoying life for the amazing blessing that it is.

Michael Bonnell



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