Spread Kindness With Coffee

spread kindness with coffee
spread kindness with coffee
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I am blessed to come from a family of hardworking individuals. Being the youngest of three, not only have I been able to look up to my parents for guidance my entire life, but I also have two pretty amazing sisters to whom I look up to as well. 

I know, saying that I look up to them is not something that I would normally admit to. 

But, it’s true. Despite being six and seven years older than me, I have always had a close relationship with my two sisters. One of them I even live with…

Now, just like with all families, we too have had our ups and downs. We still do. Even as adults it’s still difficult to sit down at the dinner table without bickering back and forth, but to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My two sisters have helped to get me to where I am at today, and for that, I am forever thankful. 

Be A Good Little Brother

Most younger brothers fear their older sisters. And while there are times that I do, I know that no matter what, they are the type of two who would go out of their way and do anything for me. When I say anything, I mean anything

When it comes to either of them, I would do the same.

You have heard the saying “I’d take a bullet for you,” right? Not to get all sappy and emotional or anything, but when it comes to my family (and yes, this includes my sisters), I would take a bullet for them… literally. 

Thankfully that time has not come and let’s hope it doesn’t. In the interim, though, I’m simply going to do everything that I can to be a good little brother. 

But First… Caffeine

Yes, we have another coffee story

Alright, let’s talk about the oldest of my two sisters. Not only does she have a full-time job during the week, have a family that she needs to support, and has a house that she likes to keep tidy (mainly from my messes), but she also picked up a little side-hustle on the weekend to help make just a little more money. 

I don’t necessarily think she needs it, but every bit of extra cash helps. 

All that running around would leave most of us feeling drained and ready to pass out on a park bench from lack of energy. Well, this very well may be the case for her too… if she wasn’t addicted to coffee. Come to think of it, I think my entire family is addicted to coffee, or at least caffeine. 

Between her multiple daily runs to the coffee shop, the bottles of cold press that lay in our fridge, and an overwhelming amount of coffee cups in our cupboards, a good cup of coffee in our house is never a scarcity. 

For all that she does (not only for me but for anyone around her as well) I wanted to get her something that would keep her going – something that she would enjoy and would use on a daily basis. 

It worked out perfectly. The coffee shop that I go to every morning was having a promotion of growlers of cold press. The best part is that you could purchase them with rewards or loyalty points. Since I come to the same coffee shop every morning Monday thru Friday, it was only going to take me a few months and a few hundred dollars that I was going to spend anyhow to save enough points for the growler. 

spread kindness with coffee

At last, the time finally came where I was able to redeem my points and trade them in for a growler full of delicious cold press. 

After work yesterday, I immediately rushed to the coffee shop, picked up the growler, and was able to give it to one of the hardest working and kind-hearted individuals that I know. Let’s just say that the gift was well-received, and within a matter of five minutes, there was a glass of cold press poured that had already been half consumed… and not by me.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t cost much, if anything at all, to be kind to others. Maybe you get something for free or maybe you have to fork over a little bit of cash. Whatever it may be, don’t forget to think about those who matter the most to you and who have helped to create the biggest impact on your life. 

Whether it is your sister or brother, your mother or father, your friend or a stranger, make it your mission to do something kind for somebody else today. The world is comprised of small acts of kindness – small acts that help to create a major impact.

Michael Bonnell

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