How To Solve Your Own Questions

solve your own questions
solve your own questions

Life is full of questions. 

Questions like: What will I wear tomorrow? What should I be doing with my time? What is my dream and how do I achieve my dream? When will I achieve this dream? What is the purpose of my life? 

Sorry to get deep, but I’m feeling deep today…

Everything that we do first starts with a question. So, how do you solve your own questions? It’s actually a lot easier than you may think, and believe it or not, it’s something that you are already doing on a daily basis. 

You act. 

You take action on your own questions because that is the only way to accurately answer them. Without taking action to your own questions, the answer will always remain a mystery. 

Here are a few tips to help you take more action and solve your own questions. 

Tip #1: Don’t Overthink It

A lot of the stress that we feel in life isn’t because of the difficult situations that we experience, but rather our perception of these difficult situations and our inability to act on the situations that we encounter. 

As humans, we love to be right… all of the time. This drive and desire to constantly be right will only prevent us from taking the appropriate action required because we don’t want to be wrong. We don’t take action until we are absolutely certain that we are right, and all this does is leads to unnecessary and unwanted stress. 

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that when we wait until we are right, we probably won’t take any action in the first place. 

The more you think about taking action and the more time it takes you to actually take action, the less likely you are to actually take action. Why? Well, think about it. What happens when you question yourself? All of a sudden your mind becomes flooded with a wide variety of possibility, emotions, and fears. 

How do you avoid this? By taking immediate action and never allowing fear to settle into your mind and influence your decisions. If you want to solve your own questions, then take action, and take it now!

Tip #2: Know What You Want

To answer your own questions, you also need to know what it is that you actually want in life. If your actions don’t line up with your values and what you want to accomplish, then you are not going to accomplish very much. 

“What’s the ONE thing I can do today, such that by doing so everything else would become easier or unnecessary?” – Gary Keller

Ask yourself, what’s the ONE thing that you can do today that will help you to achieve your goals in the long run. From there, just do it. No questions, no hesitations, just go. Solve your own questions by doing something in this exact moment that your future self will thank you for.

Tip #3: Realize That Failure Is Inevitable

If you are not willing to be wrong, then you will never know what it feels like to be right. 

Okay, hold on for a second… I don’t know if that’s a quote already, but I just thought of that on my own and man does it sound good…

Seriously though, if you are not willing to be wrong and make mistakes along the way, then you will never be able to solve your own questions. Life is constantly changing, you are constantly changing, and if you want to solve the many questions that you face, then you need to be willing to jump into the unknown, to take risks, to be willing to fail, and to be willing to learn from your mistakes. 

You may fail, but if you don’t fail, it simply means that you aren’t trying enough. 

A Final Note

As Mel Robbins says, “5-4-3-2-1 GO.” 

Whatever emotion you are feeling, set it aside and take action on all of your questions, because that’s the only way you will ever find the answer. 

Life isn’t easy, but it also isn’t as difficult as we make it to be. We are stronger than our failures, worth more than our mistakes, and smarter than our doubts. It’s time we take action in life because this is the only one that we get to live, and it’s always worth a shot.

Michael Bonnell



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