Smile Even When It Is Hard

smile even when it is hard
smile even when it is hard

One of the things that has always helped me to immediately improve my mood is smiling. 

When I got my promotion at work, I smiled. When I purposely go out of my way to try and make somebody else’s day, I smile. When I feel proud of all that I have accomplished in my life, I smile. And why not? If life is going well, why not smile? Smiling is contagious, and I have noticed that the more I do it, the better I feel. 

But what about when life is all but perfect? What about when it feels as if your world is crashing down on you and smiling is the last thing that you want to do. Well, as much as you don’t want to… smile.

When I got robbed trying to sell a phone on Facebook, I smiled. I was filled with anger, I cried, but I also smiled. When I received my first “F” on a report card and thought about trying to explain that one to my parents, I smiled. Okay, I found this funny as well because I absolutely hated Chemistry, but still, I smiled. 

Why do I smile when things go wrong in my life, or at least try to? It’s not because I enjoy when things go south, but because smiling makes me feel better. It makes me feel better both mentally and physically. If something bad has already happened, it’s not like I can change the fact, so why would I allow it to impact my present or future?

smile even when it is hard

The Art of Smiling

Have you ever walked down a busy city street and noticed how many straight faces there are? Millions of people dressed in suits headed on their way into work showing no emotion, no excitement, and no joy. 

Then you find that one person – that one person who is laughing and smiling. You probably think to yourself that they either have the best job in the world, or they are the happiest person alive. 

All of a sudden, you start to notice your mood improving as well. Instead of walking with a straight face and feeling no emotion whatsoever, you notice that a smile slowly start to stretch across your face as well and you start to feel happier inside. 

This is because (a). not only is smiling contagious, but also because (b). Smiling naturally helps to lift up your mood. 

Don’t believe me? Then try it. Smile right now and notice how your mood starts to lift and how you start to feel happier. 

Smile Even When It Is Hard

Bad things happen in life all the time. Hopefully not nearly as often as good things happen, but you have experienced bad in the past and you will definitely experience more in the future. That’s just… life. 

When something bad happens, we are all given two options. We can either allow the negative of what is now the past to impact our lives in the present, or we can find the strength that we do possess to overcome the negatives and choose to focus on the good instead. 

Personally, I believe that life is too short to allow the negatives to consume us. If we can’t change what has already happened, why not move past that and make the most out of what is and what will hopefully be? 

How do you overcome the negatives, and instead, find the positives? Well, we are all different, but one thing that has always helped me is to smile even when it’s hard. 

Final Thoughts

Life is short. Don’t allow the negatives or the things that you can’t change to steal your happiness. Learn to simply let go, focus on all of the good that fills your life, and smile even when it is hard.

Don’t like your job? Smile. Had your wallet or phone stolen? Smile. Get into a fight with a loved one? Smile. Forgive, ask for forgiveness, let go of what can’t be changed, and smile. Need another reason to smile other than the fact that is will instantly improve your mood? How about because it’s free to do so.

Michael Bonnell


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