8 Tips To Help You Simplify Your Life

simplify your life
tips to help you simplify your life
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I think that we can all agree on the fact that we would love to have more time on our hands. Through the hustle and chaos that consumes our daily lives, having any amount of extra time can sometimes feel like a scarcity. 

It’s almost as if we pride ourselves on having a packed schedule. Hey, I’m guilty of it. I would much rather be known as a person who does too much instead of being a person who doesn’t do much of anything. 

But there does also have to be a sense of balance. We can be productive without overworking ourselves into the ground. We can achieve our goals without having to be grinding twenty-four hours per day seven days a week. In fact, sometimes the more we start to simplify our lives, the more productive we become. And we all know what productive means. It means getting sh*t done. 

If you feel like life has been weighing you down lately to the point where you are constantly stressed, thinking about too much to the point where you aren’t getting anything done, or just simply feel like you need to slow your roll a little bit, then I encourage you to use some of these tips. 

Here are 8 tips to help you simplify your life.

Tip #1: Make A List. 

Whether it is a to-do list or a not-to-do list, lists are an excellent way to help you stay on track. Write down things that you should be focusing on throughout the day (or things that you need to avoid) in order to be the most productive. Spending more time on tasks doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being more productive, but being more efficient with the time that you have does. 

Tip #2: Plan The Night Before.

Something as small as laying out your clothes the night before, preparing your lunch and storing it in the fridge, or simply getting your gym bag by the door is a great place to start. Planning the night before is not only a great way to help you stay on track with your goals, but it is also a way to help you make your mornings less stressful. When you stress yourself out first thing in the morning, odds are that the rest of your day will follow the same pattern. Plan the night before so that your mornings are as simple and easy as possible

Tip #3: Unplug From Social Media.

If you really want to destress your life, try giving up social media for a little bit. We become stressed through social media because we are seeing the best of everybody’s life and think that’s how life always is. It makes us question our own lives and why we aren’t living the perfect lives that we see all over the internet. So take a break from constantly feeling down on yourself and take a break from constantly picking up your phone. 

Tip #4: Keep It Simple/Declutter.

The more clutter the space around us is, the more cluttered our minds become. Let’s be real, a lot of the stuff that we hold onto throughout the years is stuff that we never use anymore. For some reason, the society in which we live reinforces the belief that having more material items will impress those around us. All this is doing, though, it cluttering our thoughts and adding unnecessary stress to our lives. 

Have a massive decluttering day and free up some of the space around you. Donate, give away, throw away anything that you haven’t touched in the last few months. At the same time as you are decluttering your surroundings, you will also be decluttering your mind. 

Tip #5: Organize Your Phone.

Even though I said to take a break from social media, I know that the chances of anybody actually doing that are slim next to none. So, if you are going to have your phone anyways, why not use it to help you stay on track. Use the calendar app on your phone, set reminders for when you need to have tasks achieved by, use the stopwatch to give yourself only a certain amount of free time on your phone. I mean, seriously, there are apps on your phone to tell you when it’s time to shut your phone off… so use them. 

Tip #6: Know What You Want.

One of the biggest reasons that we are constantly on the go in life is because we don’t know what we want in life. Either that, or we don’t spend enough time prioritizing the things that we want versus prioritizing the things that we feel obligated to do. 

Take some time, write down your goals, focus on what you want to achieve, and set up reminders all around you to help you stay on task. It might not sound like fun right now, but trust me, it will help you to stay focused, let stressed, and it’s a great way to help you simplify your life. 

Tip #7: Stop Saying Yes To Everything.

Don’t feel obligated to say yes to everybody and everything. If you really want to simplify your life, start by making yourself a priority and making sure that you are setting yourself up for success before helping others to achieve their dreams. If you keep saying yes to others before saying yes to yourself, you will never achieve any of the goals that you set for yourself. 

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Tip #8: Remove Those Who Don’t Support You.

You don’t need any more drama in your life, so remove it. Remove people from your life who aren’t going to support you, who only drag you down, and who only drain your energy. Again, to simplify your life, to destress, and to declutter, you need to free your mind from any emotion that doesn’t accurately reflect your beliefs. Removing toxic relationships is the best way to do just that. 

Rather than constantly feeling stressed, feeling anxious, and anxious all of the time, simplify your life with these tips. Declutter, de-stress, focus on the goals that you wish to achieve, and live your one life to the fullest.

If you want to simplify your life, then you ultimately need to make the commitment to yourself to do so. These are just some tips that will help you to do so, but they mean nothing if you aren’t willing to actually implement some of them into your daily life. Start by adding one tip to your life and slowly add more as time goes on.

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