4 Simple Ways To Start Your Mornings To Increase Positivity

Simple Ways To Start Your Mornings To Increase Positivity

Simple Ways To Start Your Mornings To Increase Positivity

Simple Ways To Start Your Mornings To Increase Positivity

Here is the deal, if you want to be happier and more successful in life, you need to learn to LOVE the mornings. Since learning to make the most of my mornings, I have been much happier throughout the rest of the day. They truly do set the pace for what is to come. So while others might hit the snooze button ten times before rolling out of bed, learn to wake up with a smile on your face and embrace the new day. Learn to get a head start, be more productive, and have a better day. Here are some simple ways to start your mornings to increase positivity.

  1. Establish Self-Confidence

First thing is first. If you want to start your day off on a positive note, you need to establish self confidence right away in the mornings. Again, it sets the pace for the rest of the day. When you start your day off on a positive note, the rest of your day will most likely follow on a similar note. While this may seem cheesy and corny, trust me, it works.

Every morning I wake up, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and I tell myself that today is going to be a good day. I reinforce the thought that I can do anything that I desire in life, and that I am the only person who can stand between me and my dreams. Even though we don’t always wake up in the best of moods, it is important to reinforce it to get your day started on the right track.

  1. Start Your Mornings To Increase Positivity By Focusing on Motivation, Inspiration, & Positivity

It is important to focus on motivation, inspiration, and positivity. For me, I personally flood my mornings with as many motivational and inspirational podcasts as I can possibly consume. When you learn to surround yourself with good things in life, good things will happen to you. This is the same concept. When you surround yourself with motivation and positivity, you are more likely to feel motivated and positive throughout the course of your day. Whatever you surround yourself with in life is what you will become.

  1. Get the Larger Tasks Done First

I was listening to Lori Harder’s podcast, How To Make The Most of Your Daily Energy, and she gives a great analogy for how we should see our daily lives. Imagine that you are a battery and you have 100 Watts of energy to last you the full day. Throughout the day, work might take up 60 watts, working out might take up 15 watts, and this only leaves you with 25 watts of energy for the rest of your day. Kids, family, and other tasks throughout the day are also going to consume energy. So at the end of the day, you are running on very little watts of energy.

Instead of looking for pointless things to use this energy on, use it at the beginning of the day. Learn to get the larger tasks done first so that you will not have to think about them at night. It is also worth noting that the larger tasks come with the most stress. If we complete them right away in the day, the burdens of having unnecessary stress are gone. We will be able to enjoy the rest of the day with less stress.

  1. Lose The Excuses

Everybody has crazy mornings. We are either getting ready for work, getting the kids out the door for school, or both. Remember one thing, no matter how difficult we think the mornings are, there are millions of other people in the world who are going through just as much in life as we are. The ones who are finding success and happiness are the ones who are taking just a little bit of time out of their mornings and designating it to themselves.

Your mornings are not supposed to be stressful, your mornings are supposed to be productive. However you choose to spend your time, know that it will reflect your mood and success for the reset of the day. Once we start getting sucked into everyone else’s agendas, we forget to do the things in life that matter to us. At the end of the day, we are simply too tired to even think. So even if it is 10 or 15 minutes, set aside some time right away when you wake up and focus on you. This is the routine that I have established in my life, and these are just some of the simple ways to start your mornings to increase positivity. Find what works best for you, and enjoy the peace, happiness, and success that follow.

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