5 Simple Steps To Creating Success

simple steps to creating success
simple steps to creating success

Daily Blog #307

I recently just posted my 300th blog post. Yep, 300 different blog posts in 300 consecutive days. While I am not yet to my end goal of posting for 365 consecutive days, I am feeling pretty good right about now. Each day that I publish a new post is another day in where I am taking a step in the right direction towards creating what my version of success looks like.

Throughout the entire process, I have picked up on some habits that have been incredibly beneficial to achieving my goals in life. Today, I want to share with you those habits, and what I believe to be arguably the most important 5 simple steps to creating success for yourself.

1. Understand what you want.

Everything starts with an idea in your head. It doesn’t matter what that idea might be, just make sure that you are passionate about it. It doesn’t matter what others think of your idea, it only matters what you think of your idea as this is your success that is on the line.

Make sure that it is something that you actually want to achieve. Otherwise, if you try to chase a goal that does not have a significant meaning in your life, odds are that you will have a much easier time losing motivation or even giving up at the first encounter of adversity that you experience.

2. Create a plan for how and why.

The next step to creating success for yourself is to create a plan of how you are going to achieve your goals, and when you have to have your goals achieved by. Similar to a work deadline, but one for your goals.

When you develop a plan of how you are going to create success for yourself, you will have a much easier time staying on track. Think about things like how you are going to achieve your goals, some potential challenges that you may encounter, how are you going to overcome obstacles that you may experience. If it helps, create a checklist and mark off different tasks as you complete them.

It’s also important to have a timeframe of when you want to have your goals completed by. A goal with no end date will only become a thought that gets stored in the back of your mind. Needless to say, you will probably forget about it within the matter of a few weeks.

Have you ever noticed that when you are given a project to complete in two weeks, you may only spend one day in total on it? If that project would be due in two days instead of two weeks, you would probably spend the same amount of time on it, the quality of the project would most likely be the same, but the only difference is that you would have it done twelve days earlier. Why? Because deadlines force us to quit procrastinating and actually focus on completing a given task.

If you don’t give yourself some type of deadline for achieving the success that you want to see, do you think you would achieve your goals as quickly as you could? Probably not. So create deadlines for yourself, and have a timeframe of when you want to have your goals achieved by.

3. Work towards that plan.

For some reason, this is the step that seems to throw off a lot of individuals. If you want to achieve any type of success that you have not yet achieved in your life, then you need to be willing to work towards it.

Quit thinking about that plan that you had created and start actively working to complete the steps that are in it. Quit thinking about how long it is going to take to achieve your goals and start working towards beating the deadline that you have given yourself. We spend far too much time thinking about success and what that success would entail, and far too little time working towards actually making it happen. Creating a plan of how and when is incredibly important, but it is meaningless if you are not willing to actually work towards the success that you deserve.

4. Track your progress.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your goals is by tracking your progress. Not only is it easier to stay motivated when you actually see that you are making progress towards your goals, but it also helps you with staying on track to completing the things that you have yet to complete.

I like to keep a checklist not only in my planner but on my phone as well. That way, if I don’t have access to one, I will most likely have access to the other. I write down my goals, have a date next to them of when I want to have them achieved by, and place this checklist in various locations that I often look at. The more I see my goals, the more driven I am to work towards achieving the tasks that are on it. It isn’t about accomplishing my end goal right away, but rather, achieving the smaller goals that lead to achieving the larger ones.

5. Turn your fears into opportunity.

If you aren’t scared, then you aren’t trying. Any amount of success that you want to achieve is going to create fear. To be more successful in your life, you need to be willing to do something that you have not yet done, and doing something that you have not yet done in your life will naturally cause fear.

Learn to embrace your fears and turn them into opportunity. See each fear as a way to challenge and better the person that you are, and see each fear as an opportunity to grow your belief in yourself. Sure, you may fail or get knocked down, but as long as you are willing to fight and get back up, that is all that matters.

Final thoughts.

Creating success for yourself is not going to be easy, but if you want to achieve what your version of success looks like for you, then you need to realize that you are the only one who can achieve that success. Nobody is going to achieve your success for you. You need to be willing to fight for your dreams, learn to believe in yourself, and never give up no matter how hard the going gets.

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