Share Your Success With Others

share your success

share your success

Why You Should Share Your Success

Me…you…him…her… We all have similarities when it comes to our dreams. We all want to succeed. No matter what it is that we are chasing, we all have a dream to succeed, and we all want to achieve every last one of our goals. At least I hope so. But ask yourself something. It isn’t if you succeed, but rather when you succeed. When you succeed, are you going to share your success with others, or are you going to hoard it to yourself?

Every single day that you wake up, your dreams consume your mind, they consume your emotions, and they consume your actions. Finally, you have done it. You have achieved the level of success that you have always envisioned yourself having. Little do you know that it is what you do next that really determines who you are as a person.

I work on a team of about a dozen individuals. At the start of every month, we are given a list of about 700 “units”. Our job is to capture as many units as we can to help benefit the company. Or at least that is what we are supposed to do…

Over the course of being employed, I have realized something. A lot of the individuals on my team don’t care about how many units that the company gets collectively. They only care about having more units than the people sitting on their left and right. They are only in it for the bragging rights when it comes time to turn in their reports. Either they won’t attempt to secure a unit for others, or they simply just give up too easily. Not only is the individual not winning, but neither is the company.

There isn’t anything wrong with winning. In fact, winning is what leads to success. It is the thought of winning that is what gives most of us the motivation and determination to get out of bed in the morning. It is the thought of winning that drives us to be a better version of ourselves every single day. We all want to succeed in life, so we all have to have the urge to win.

While everyone should strive to be successful, it is the type of success that you are chasing that defines who you are as a person. Are you going to chase after a number and let a perfect percentage define your self worth? Are you going to let the amount of zero’s in your bank account determine who you spend your time with? Or are you going to share your success with others and actually do something meaningful in life.

Unless you share your success with others, and unless you focus on making the world a better place, you are not going to win. The day will come where you are going to die, and all of the precious material items that you worked so hard for are going to be gone. Gone in an instant.

Think about that.

You worked so hard for so long, ruined how many friendships and relationships because you thought that success came from being better than others. You thought success came from an irrelevant number. What success really is, is being a better version of you today than you were yesterday.  

In 20 years, nobody is going to remember you for the Ferrari that you drove around in. Nobody is going to care about the gold toilet that you went to the bathroom in. But they will care about the impact that you made on the lives of others.

There is a saying that I remember from my kindergarten days, and it goes “Sharing is caring.” It’s simple, it’s easy to comprehend, and it’s the truth. Sharing is caring. You need to share your success with others, share the lessons that you have learned, and focus on making the world a greater place for all lives. Once you do that, then you will truly be successful.

So when you go into work tomorrow, give the people that you sit next to some praise. Give them some acknowledgment and recommendations on how they can better the company collectively. When you get home, help your family or your neighbors grow as individuals as well. Life is about more than just you. Be the person that you would want to be around, and share your success with others.

Michael Bonnell



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