Self Gratification From Eating Pizza – I Have Never Been Happier

Eating Pizza For A Healthier Life

As I am sure you can tell by now, I am not your average 25 year old man. All of the constant thoughts and anxiety that I have dealt with over the years have prohibited me from living my life. But guess what? Two days ago, I ate half of an extra large pizza, and I never was more proud of myself.

Weird, right? Most people are miserable if they eat half of an extra large pizza.

See, I used to be a heavier person. When I was diagnosed with depression, I was trying to lose a lot of weight to help with my self-esteem. The only issue with that, is that I took it to the extremes. When you are trying to lose weight, you are told that a healthy diet is the most important step. I followed this rule like it was the damn law. I ditched all of the delicious and enjoyable foods like pizza, sweets, chips, or really any delicious foods. All of this misery just so that I could lose weight faster.

This was over 5 years ago. Over the last 5 years, I have never looked at pizza the same way. Even until now, I would order a “special” pizza and get light cheese, no cheese, or no toppings. I would always go on the internet and let the calorie calculator from MyFitnessPal tell me what I was going to have on my pizza. That, or if I could not find any nutritional information on the pizza, I simply wouldn’t eat it. I would get a chicken breast and a salad instead.

Two days ago, I took a huge step and I have never been more proud of myself. I forgot about the nutritional calculators and the websites that were telling me what was healthy. More importantly, I listened to my body and my mind. I ordered what I wanted, an extra large Hawaiian pizza with regular cheese (this is the part that I am most proud of). Let me tell you, I have never enjoyed the taste of pizza more. I didn’t restrict myself and didn’t eat until I was sick, I at until I was content. I enjoyed every single bite that I took, and for just 15 minutes, I forgot about being healthy.

Concluding Challenge

Ordering a normal pizza might be a normality for most, but for me, it meant stepping out of my comfort zone. By taking the small step and letting go for those 15 minutes, I remembered what it was like to actually enjoy food. It doesn’t have to be with foods, but whatever your struggles are in life, I encourage you to take a small step forward. Like me, you will realize the enjoyment and gratification that comes with making these changes and getting control of your precious life.

Michael Bonnell



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