You Are Responsible For The Life You Live

responsible for the life you live
responsible for the life you live

Daily Blog #293

Whether you know it or not, you are responsible for every little thing that has happened to you in life, and for every little thing that will continue to happen to you in your life. Yep, both good and bad, you are responsible. And the sooner that you come to terms with the fact that you are ultimately in control, the more freeing your life will become.

While everyone hates having to take responsibility (don’t worry, I hate that word just as much as you do) it’s true. You are responsible for your life. Not your parents. Not your friends. Not your boss. You. You and only you are responsible for the past, present, and future circumstances that play out throughout the course of your life.

Before you go criticizing me, ridiculing me, or maybe even cursing at me, I want you to think about it long and hard. The only time you will see responsibility as a negative, is when you fail to take it. Not only do you fail to take it, but you become more likely to blame others for the negatives in your life.

So if you are mad at me for telling you that you are responsible for your current situation, odds are you are failing to take responsibility for something and don’t want to face the truth. Because that’s what responsibility is. Responsibility means that you are facing the truth and embracing the control that you are given in life.

It doesn’t mean that you are always at fault for what has happened to you. There are situations in life that you can’t physically control, but you will always have the ability to control how you perceive these situations mentally. You perceive certain events as good, bad, enjoyable, or miserable. And because you choose to see the events around you with these emotions, you immediately become responsible for that perception. You immediately become responsible for how you allow these situations to impact your life, and how you move forward.

I am not writing about responsibility to make you feel down on yourself, to try and act higher or holier than you, or to frustrate you in any way. I am writing about responsibility because I want you to succeed in life and because I want you to see that you are in control. Trust me, once you start to realize that you are in control of your life, life itself gets a lot more enjoyable to live.

I used to blame others for a lot of the circumstances in my life. I would blame kids at school for teasing me, my teachers for giving me bad grades, the idiot driver who cut me off in traffic for punching my windshield and cracking it. While there was nothing that I could do to control the actions of others in these situations, there was always the option to control how these circumstances impacted me.

Getting mad at the kids who teased me was not going to change the fact that I was teased. Writing poor reviews on my teachers were not going to magically change my grades. And that driver who cut me off, he wasn’t going to pay for the broken windshield. Odds are, he didn’t even know that he had angered someone. Maybe he was at fault, be he wasn’t responsible for the impact that it made on my windshield. I was.

The point is, people are going to do things that are going to make you sad, unmotivated, or flat our miserable. That’s just life. It might suck, and it might not be fair, but they aren’t responsible for you. You are responsible for you. You are responsible for what you choose to believe, what you choose to perceive, and for what you choose to receive.

Only once I realized that I was responsible for my perception was I finally able to find peace in my past. Getting angry with others and blaming them for the fact was not going to change what had happened. But taking responsibility and controlling my perceptions would change how these situations impacted my life moving forward. And since I have been able to find peace with my past, I have been able to find a new level of self-belief that I never knew existed.

It’s not to say that I don’t care about the world around me, I just choose to care about things that I can control, instead of stressing about situations in which I can’t. Because of the responsibility that I have decided to take, I have become fully aware that I am fully in control of my life, and only I have the ability to create the life that I want to live.

Michael Bonnell



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