Recognizing Our Personal Weaknesses In Life

recognizing our personal weaknesses

recognizing our personal weaknesses

The importance of recognizing our personal weaknesses

Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. As usual, I hope that you are all having an amazing day. I don’t know what it is about the intro now, but I like it. To me, the intro makes my blog seem more personal and authentic. This is something that I am really trying to focus on. See, there are always going to be people who will judge us for how we live our lives and what we do. These judgements will never truly define us. What does define us is the impact that we make on the world, and how we move forward after recognizing our personal weaknesses. While these weaknesses might be tough to face, dwelling on them doesn’t do us any good. So don’t get sidetracked by negativity. Learn from your weaknesses and create a better you.  

Sorry for getting sidetracked with that mini rant. Now we can get into the post… Oddly enough, today’s post is going to be about recognizing our personal weaknesses and overcoming them. See, once we start recognizing our personal weaknesses and focusing on them, then we can start the process of overcoming them. Once we start overcoming our personal weaknesses, then we can help others to overcome their own weaknesses as well.

A lot of my weaknesses stem from the idea of always wanting to be “the cool kid.” Whether it was in high school, college, sports, or personal relationships, I would act like someone that I wasn’t just so that others would like me. Well, I never got it. All this did was lead to a slew of mental illnesses and the desire for meaningless social status.

Even with my blog I have had to take a step back and refocus. I sometimes find myself focusing on my following and website statistics and wondering why I don’t have more. More readers, more followers, more subscribers. While these things would be nice to have, statistics and followers aren’t the reason that I started my blog. They do not define who I am as a person. When I take a step back, I realize that I have only been daily blogging for three full months now.

Let me ask you a question. Has anyone that you know ever achieved their life’s dream in three months? Most likely not. Three months is such a miniscule amount of time to achieve any goal in life. Plus, I don’t deserve to have a following yet because I am still in the introduction stage of my blog. The point that I am trying to get across is that nothing worth having in life comes easy, and nothing that comes easy in life is worth having. Achieving any level of success is going to take time, you just simply have to enjoy the process.

I have also had to recognize that a following is not an important part in sharing my personal story. The reason that I started sharing my personal story to help alleviate the pain that others might be experiencing right now. I also want to help others to find motivation, inspiration, and positivity to overcome any obstacle in their life. Those are the thoughts that motivate me to write on a daily basis, and those are the thoughts that I need to be focusing on.

Aside from wanting to help others, sharing my personal story has also helped to ease the thoughts that are going on in my own head. A lot of what I have experienced in life is due to the fact that I would bottle up all of my emotions. For years, my family members were the only ones that knew what was going on in my life. I was never really comfortable in telling anyone about my emotions because I thought others would judge me for it. Well, not anymore.

Once I started recognizing my personal weaknesses, then I was able to take the correct steps required to overcome them. After recognizing my personal weaknesses and taking action, only then did I feel comfortable in helping others to overcome their personal weaknesses. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Focus on what matters to you and improve on things that you desire in life.

When we start living for ourselves and recognizing our personal weaknesses, we can then take the steps necessary to overcome them. Life isn’t about being perfect, life is about being the best you that you can be. Part of being the best the best that you can be is by recognizing your weaknesses and using them to your advantage. Use them to becomes the best that you can be. That is the importance of recognizing our personal weaknesses.

Michael Bonnell



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