Why You Need To Be Raising Your Standards In Life

Raising Your Standards In Life
Raising Your Standards In Life

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Life is nothing but a game. A direct representation of the standards that you and I hold not only for ourselves but also for the world around us as well. How do we live a mediocre life? By keeping the same standards that we currently hold. But how do we live the best life that we have ever lived? A life of achieving our dreams, embarking on incredible adventures, and a life filled with more happiness than we have ever felt? We get this life by raising our standards.

In Tony Robbins article titled How to Raise Your Standards, he says:

“What happens when you decide something is an absolute “must?” What happens when you cut off any other possibility than you succeeding – when you decide that you are either going to find a way to make something happen or you’ll create the way yourself? When you raise your standards and turn “should” into “must,” you are making an inner shift to take control over the quality of your life.”

Everything that we do in our lives moving forward and everything that we have done up to this point in our lives is because of the standards that we have set for ourselves. We have allowed our lives to get to the stage in which it is at today. Despite good or bad, circumstances are always going to through us off course, but it is up to us to live the life that we desire.

Our education, our jobs, our living situation, our health, all of these are examples of a direct representation of the standards that we have set for ourselves. Maybe you aren’t happy with some of the things that currently make up your life. Maybe you don’t like the people that you are spending time with, maybe you don’t enjoy your current job, or maybe you are tired of feeling sluggish and unhealthy. How do you change these areas of your life? By raising your standards.

Nobody else has the power to change your life but you. If you don’t like the people that you are spending the most time with, raise your standards and start spending time with people who are going to bring out the best in you. If you don’t enjoy your job, raise your standards and find one where you feel valued. If you are tired of feeling sluggish and unhealthy, raise the standards that you have for yourself, start eating healthier, and start exercising.

You need to envision the change that you wish to see in your life if you ever want that change to become your reality. If you don’t see yourself living the life that you desire to be living, then do something about it. Quit wasting your life away for one that you aren’t satisfied with, raise your standards and live a life that you are proud to wake up every day and live.

A standard is a level of quality or attainment that you are willing to accept for yourself. We all have a certain standard for ourselves in essentially everything that we do whether we know it or not. And if you want to achieve a scenario that you have not yet achieved in your life, you need to be willing to push yourself and only accept the scenario that you desire. It doesn’t mean that it is going to be easy. In fact, you are going to have to work harder than ever. But when you set high standards for yourself, the only option is achieving or exceeding that standard.

I am reading an amazing book right now, Tiny Leaps Big Changes by Gregg Clunis. There is an example from the book that really grabbed my attention. He said:

“Let’s say you show up to work every day, put in the time, and go home. That’s a standard that you hold yourself to subconsciously. Every day that you are expected to, at the bare minimum, you will show up to work, and put in the time.”

Why is it though that we put in the minimum amount of effort? Because that’s that standard that we set for ourselves, and that is the standard that we have accepted. We can talk about all of the things that we want to achieve in life but are we really willing to work for them? Well, the answer is simple. If we want to achieve a set of higher standards that we have set for yourself, we need to be willing to work for them. There is no talking about our wants, or waiting for our wants to become a reality. There needs to be the desire to set our standards high and work until we achieve those standards.

You and I are living the greatest gift known to man. We have overcome the odds, and are living what odds defy as a 1 in 400 trillion. Are you really about to waste away the precious gift of life? Didn’t think so. So start by raising your standards, and live the life that you are meant to live – the life you desire to live.

Michael Bonnell



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