Dreaming During The Day Keeps The Reality Away

quit dreaming and start living
quit dreaming and start living
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Daily Blog #343 (4 tips to help you quit dreaming and start living)

I have always been somewhat of a daydreamer. Back in high school, I used to sit and stare at the clock while dreaming about becoming the next professional hockey player or having my name announced for the first time as I made my debut on the PGA Tour. I had big dreams, and I dreamed of them often.

Then the bell would ring. Class was over, my dreams would fade, and it was back to reality. I had gone from having achieved all of my dreams to the harsh reality of having achieved none of them all in the matter of a second.

To be quite honest, it still happens to me to this very day. Sometimes I find myself struggling to fall asleep, so I naturally think of something that makes me happy. Often times, those thoughts are the same ones that I used to think about as a high schooler: either skating on the ice, or watching a golf ball sail down the middle of the fairway. And before I know it, I am out like a light.

While it’s never a bad idea to dream, there also has to come a point where we need to be willing to execute on our dreams if we ever want those very dreams to become our reality. The things that I dream about, the things that make me happy, I spent too much time thinking about them which is why they never became my reality.

Instead of working towards becoming the best hockey player in the world or working towards becoming a professional golfer like I wanted to be, I would just dream about it. I wasn’t willing to work hard towards the things that I wanted most, hence when they never became my reality.

That is why I changed, though. That is why I started to turn someday into today.

I am not going to wait any longer for my dreams to become my reality. I am not going to wonder what it would be like to accomplish something that I desperately want to accomplish. Instead, I am going to work towards everything that I envision for myself, and I am going to make those thoughts become my reality.

I look at those individuals who achieved dreams similar to mine: those who are currently living their dreams, and I wonder to myself why that wasn’t me. The truth is, it could have been me. There isn’t anything that I am not capable of achieving as long as I am willing to work hard and give up no matter how many times I fail. Those who have achieved their dreams, that is exactly what they did. They worked hard, and they never gave up.

The longer that we wait for our dreams to become our realities, and the more time we spend merely dreaming about our dreams, the more we distance ourselves from our dreams. If we want these very dreams to become our realities, then we need to quit dreaming about them and start actually working towards achieving them.

Here are some things that might help you to quit dreaming and start living:

  1. Recognize that it’s your choice. You, and only you have the ability to achieve your dreams. The longer it takes you to start working towards achieving those dreams, the longer they will take to become your reality.
  2. Realize that there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist, and the longer you spend trying to perfect every fine little detail, the longer it will take you to achieve whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.
  3. Follow your passion. Make sure that you are turning your dreams into a reality, and not the dreams of others. If you focus on what others are going to think about you, then you are only going to be hindering your true potential.
  4. Realize that you are going to make mistakes. Don’t get discouraged by failure. Instead, see it as an opportunity to learn, and as an opportunity to grow.

It has taken me years to quit daydreaming and to actually start working towards my dreams, but since I have started, I have never looked back. Because I am working towards making my dreams a reality, only now are they starting to turn into my reality.

There are going to be times when we all want to give up, times when we feel discouraged, and times when we experience failure. But unless we start taking action towards achieving our dreams, we are never going to know what we are truly capable of achieving.

Don’t waste any more time dreaming of your dreams, start working towards turning them into your reality.

Michael Bonnell



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