Putting Pressure On The Truth

putting pressure on the truth
putting pressure on the truth

Daily Blog #284

Growing up, I had one dream. That dream was to be a professional hockey player. Coming from Minnesota (also known as the state of hockey), I shared that same dream with most other kids that I knew. If I wasn’t at practice or playing in a game, I was most likely skating on the pond across the street from my house. That, or in the garage shooting enough pucks to put a hole into the sheetrock that opened into our laundry room. Yep, this actually happen.  

As I grew up, I slowly started to distance myself from that dream. It wasn’t that I lost passion for the game, but rather, I started to become more “realistic.” I started listening to my own doubts of not being good enough to make it as a professional hockey player. I started listening to others who reassured the belief that I wasn’t good enough. And I started focusing on dreams that were more realistic to achieve. Only they weren’t my dreams. I just called them my dreams to hide the disappointment I felt for giving up on my actual dreams.

Think back on your childhood. Think back on the dream that you had of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a movie star, or whatever other dream that you wanted so desperately to become your reality. Why is that dream not your reality today? Why did you quit believing in what it is that you wanted to do with your life, only to trade your wants and desires for a more realistic lifestyle?

Let me help you answer this. It’s because you and I both gave up on our truth.

We start listening to our own doubts of having what it takes to overcome the odds, and we start listening to the doubt of others who tell us to be more realistic and focus on something that we can “actually” achieve. Soon after we allow these thoughts into our life, we develop the belief that we are no different than the majority of society. Since we are no different than others, we give up on our dreams of being remarkable, and we set our sights on a far less scarier reality. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

You and I, though, we were not born to just be ordinary. We are meant to shoot for the stars, and we are meant to achieve each and every single one of our dreams. How do I know? Because that’s how we were before we let fear and doubt control our life. That life that we dreamed of living as kids, that life is the truth. It isn’t until we start listening to our own doubts, as well as the fears of the world around us that we give up on our childhood dreams only to live a life focused on playing it safe.

All of those doubts that cross our minds, and all of the times that we listen to others tell us that we can’t achieve something, those are all lies. The thoughts of not having what it takes to become the millionaire that we want to be, or not having the talent to make it to Hollywood, or not being skilled enough to make it into the NHL, lies, lies, and more lies.  

Nothing worth having in life is ever going to come from playing it safe. Unless you learn to take some risks and dive into the deep end of life, your dreams will never become your reality. Sure, you are going to be doubted by others for every risk you take. But you won’t be doubted because it’s wrong to take risks. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. You will be doubted for doing the right thing and those taking risks. You are going against the grain, and doing something that others aren’t willing to do. Those who doubt you are blinded by their own fears, so it’s actually them that can’t see the truth.

Despite what you dream of doing in life, know your truth. Know that you can achieve any and every single one of your dreams in life as long as you are willing to work hard and believe in yourself. Many others have achieved their dreams, so who’s to say that you can’t achieve your dreams next. You have the ability to be the next, and you deserve to be the next. So be the next. Believe in all that you are, follow your own truth, and be the next to achieve your dreams.

Michael Bonnell



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