The Slow Progression of Chasing A Dream

progression of chasing a dream
progression of chasing a dream
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Daily Blog #340

In the month of March, I made $58.08… blogging.

That’s right, I actually made some money from blogging. Now I can put in my two weeks notice, and travel the world flying only first-class while sleeping in five-star hotels and eating filet mignon every night for dinner.

Okay, well that probably wouldn’t work out too well, and to be completely honest, it’s not what I started blogging, writing, journaling, or whatever other names you want to use for this. If it were, well then I would have saved that money instead of spending it all the second that it hit my bank account. But at least I am able to say that I spent it in a meaningful way.

So what did I do with the money that I made in the month of March through blogging? Half of the money, so $29.04, goes right back into blogging. From my Medium subscription, insanely expensive and seemingly unnecessary website hosting, to renewing my domain name, I am left with nothing. At the end of it all, I am actually still putting in more money out of pocket aside from the $29.04. But to me, it’s all worth it.

Now, let’s talk about the other half of the money. What meaningful thing could I possibly do with $29.04?

The reason I started writing was because I wanted to help inspire others. I wanted to be open about my past, share lessons that I have learned, and just be that relatable person that I struggled to find while battling my various mental illnesses. So, if it wasn’t for my mental illnesses, I probably wouldn’t be writing this today. In a way, I am actually thankful for those illnesses because they have helped me to find what I believe to be my calling in life.

Every month I earn money from the Medium Partners Program, and every month I do/will donate half of whatever amount I earn to Mental Health America on behalf of my family, and also on behalf of everyone who supports me through reading about my life.

I have only been doing this for two months now, but in those two months time, we have raised around $67.00 to help support the needs of those living with mental illnesses through bringing more awareness to a subject that can be difficult to talk about, while simultaneously promoting the overall mental health of all Americans at the same time. And on behalf of every survivor, every future survivor, and every person in the world who has been impacted by mental illnesses, I want to say thank you.

It may not be an overwhelming amount of money, but every little penny is going to help bring awareness to a subject that is in dire need of it, and you never know, it might be that little penny that is the penny’s value that could be life changing to someone.

Every single month moving forward, this is what I vow to do with my Medium earnings. As long as I am earning any amount of income from Medium despite how little I make or no despite how much I am blessed enough to make, I vow to donate at least half of my earnings to Mental Health America.

If it wasn’t for my mental illnesses, I wouldn’t be here writing this today having found my newfound passion for writing in general. And if it wasn’t for all of the survivors out there who were strong enough to share their stories, I don’t know if I would have had the strength to overcome my mental illnesses.

Mental health is something that holds a very deep and dear place in my heart due to my past. It is a dream of mine to impact as many lives as I possibly can and maybe even have the impact to help save a life. It has been a dream that will take a while to achieve, but it is the slow progression of chasing a dream that will make the reward and outcome all that much more meaningful. No matter what way you look at it, progression is progression, and I promise to you that we are only going to be moving forward!

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