20 Positive Affirmations To Build Confidence

positive affirmations to build confidence

positive affirmations to build confidence

Positive affirmations to build confidence

I am not going to lie, if you would have asked me a year ago what I thought about practicing positive thinking and daily motivation, I probably would have chuckled at you. Yes, it would have been out of ignorance, but also out of lack of experience. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever be focusing my life around positivity and self-love. Now, it is probably my number one priority in life. From the minute I wake up to the minute I do to bed, I do everything in my power to have a better day than yesterday. All by using positive affirmations. Here are some positive affirmations to build confidence on a daily basis.

Positive affirmations to build confidence:

  1. Today, I will be a better me than I was yesterday (this is number one because it is the most important one to me).
  2. I can do anything that I want to do in life. All I have to do is to just believe in myself.
  3. I have the power and ability to create a positive change for myself, and also for those around me.
  4. I believe in myself and I believe in my decisions.
  5. Happiness is a choice, not a want. Today, I will focus on being as happy as I can be and cherishing every gift in my life.
  6. My ability to overcome any challenge in life is limitless, and my ability to succeed is infinite.
  7. Forget what others think of me. As long as I am happy with who I am, that is all that matters.
  8. The past is the past. Today, I will focus on the present and live the legacy that I want to leave.
  9. I am beyond blessed to have an amazing family, fantastic friends, and a wonderful job.
  10. I will only focus on the positives in life. There is no room in my heart for negativity.
  11. No mountain is too high, no valley is too low. I will overcome any obstacle.
  12. I deserve the best and I can now accept that. Every day of my life, I will strive to make myself proud.
  13. I am stronger than any illness and negativity that might impact my life.
  14. I will live in the moment to provide a better tomorrow for myself.
  15. The past is the past, and I am at peace with it. I have learned from my mistakes, and I have become a better person for what I have learned.
  16. Today, I will manifest all of my wildest dreams so that I can turn them into a reality.
  17. Everything in life happens for a reason. Even if I do not know what that reason is, it will benefit me.
  18. God has a plan for me. He doesn’t give me anything in life that He doesn’t feel that I can handle.
  19. I will embrace all of my difference and unique attributes. I am an amazing person just the way I am.
  20. Nothing can stop me. As long as I believe in myself, I can and will achieve happiness and success in my life.

My goal in life isn’t to be the richest person in the world or to hold a world record of some sort. MY goal in life is to be the happiest person that I can be. Happiness and positivity is how I personally define success. Everyday of my life, I will focus on what will make me happy and what will make me proud in life.

When we use positive affirmations to build confidence, we then have more confidence in ourselves and our beliefs. Find your own positive affirmations to build confidence in yourself and speak from your heart. Speak to what matters to you based on your personal needs and wishes. Remember, always live a happy life, and never stop chasing your dreams.

Michael Bonnell



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