People Are Incredible – And You Are Too

people are incredible
people are incredible

Do you ever just look and watch all of the people that are around you and watch all of the incredible things that they are doing in their lives? Maybe it even leaves you feeling a little jealous.

Last night, that happened to me. I found myself binge-watching YouTube videos for hours. While trying to focus on various tasks that I wanted to accomplish, I just couldn’t stop clicking off of videos: videos of people doing incredible things that many of us never even think about.

From making hundreds of dollars a day from an app on one’s phone, challenges of finding and eating an entires day worth of food just for one dollar, all the way to what the day in the life of a Harvard student looks like… during finals week.

Not going to lie, watching all of these videos did leave me feeling not just a little jealous, but incredibly jealous.

What I found so inspiring was that all of the people that I was watching were literally making the most out of every opportunity that they encountered. They were letting their imaginations run wild, and they were taking everything that they wanted in life.

And oh yeah, my favorite example is a thirteen-year-old who is making more than a million dollars per year by playing Fortnite.

No dream is too foolish to pursue.

Was it pointless for me to be watching these videos? Probably. But it also made me appreciate all of the things that people are doing on a daily basis. It made me realize that there is no dream that is too foolish to pursue and that the only foolish thing that we can do, is to not pursue our dreams in the first place.

The individuals that I was watching last night were without hesitation some of the most incredibly talented individuals that I have ever seen. They were following and achieving things that up until a few years ago seemed next to impossible to achieve.

Those who have achieved the impossible, they are incredible.

But guess what?! You and I are too. We are just as incredible as any other individual that walks this earth. There is only one thing that separates incredible individuals from the rest of the world, and that is their willingness and drive to never lose sight of their dreams no matter how many obstacles they will experience.

We are all capable of achieving whatever it is that we want to achieve over the course of our life. The individuals who have achieved any level of greatness have done so by taking their craft, working on bettering their craft, and doing just that. They master their craft, which is why they have achieved success.

They are no different than you. They are not more talented, and they are not luckier. Individuals who achieve any incredible endeavour have done so because they have found what they are good at and have made the most out of every single opportunity that life has presented to them, both good and bad.  

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you don’t think of yourself as having achieved something incredible, then it means to quit making excuses and start following your dreams.

If a thirteen-year-old who goes to school, and who plays sports can still find the time to make millions of dollars through pursuing his dream, then you have no excuse for not doing the same. If a Harvard student can find the time to record, edit, and upload a video during finals week, then you have no excuse for not doing the same. Know that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, you just need to be willing to work hard and quit making excuses.

You are more incredible, more talented, and stronger than you give yourself credit for. It’s time to stop limiting yourself, and it’s time to start showing how incredible you truly are. Work for the life you dream of living, and don’t lift your head until you get there.

Michael Bonnell



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