Overcoming The Unwanted In Our Minds

overcoming the unwanted

overcoming the unwanted

Never back down from a challenge.

It always amazes me how one day I can fall asleep feeling like the happiest person in the world. Then, I wake up the next day feeling a little down, or sometimes, not really knowing how to feel. P.s. today was a great. Nothing but happiness in my life right now. I am simply thinking out loud as I tend to do on most day.

No matter who it is that we think we are, life always seems to have a different plan. Some days it might throw a curveball at us, and bring us something completely unexpected. Other days, it might throw a heat seeking missile that is going to knock us straight on our ass.

I guess that is why I love writing so much. I never know what I am going to be writing the next day. Maybe one day I express nothing but happiness. Then maybe it is sincereness or absolute truthfulness the next. Who knows.

But I like it because it is me. Writing my thoughts every single day shows who I am as a person, what matters the most to me in life, and what it is that I am trying to accomplish in life. And one of the things that I am trying to accomplish, is to show everyone that we are all capable of greatness.

Overcoming the unwanted is never an easy task. In fact, I struggle with unwanted thoughts on a daily basis.

Do I go to the gym and train?

Do I eat healthy, or will that cause me to slip into unhealthy habits with my eating disorder again?

On the contrary, if I eat whatever I want, would that truly be any healthier?

How do I ensure that I don’t wake up tomorrow in a negative state of mind?

These are all of the unwanted thoughts that consistently consume my mind. See, I told you that my brain flies all over the place…

I have noticed that when I start focusing on those questions, anxiety and fear slowly starts creeping into my mind. But if I truly want to find happiness and positivity in my life, overcoming the unwanted thoughts in my mind is something that I have to be willing do. If not, I will never reach my full potential.

Would I rather spend my time focusing on other areas of my life? Sure. But if these are the thoughts that are going to continuously pop into my head, then what sense does it make to run or hid from them? I am never going to grow into the person that I want to become if I can’t learn how to fight some negative thoughts.

Think of it this way. In order to get to a certain goal in life, you are first going to have to learn and successfully overcome the basics. If your focus is to become happy, then you are going to need to learn to overcome negativity. If your focus is to complete a marathon on day, they you are going to need to overcome running a half marathon first, right?

Very rarely, if ever, are we going to reach a goal in our life without having to overcome any of the challenging obstacles that fall between where we currently sit, and the end goal itself.

When we do embrace the hardships, only then can we learn to overcome the unwanted thoughts. We are going to have to embrace the suck, push through, and fight. But when we do, then we will find the strength needed to reach our full potential.

The unwanted parts of life are there to challenge us. They there to push us, to make us stronger, and to help us grow into the best person that we can possibly be. We can all overcome anything that we set our minds to. We just need to be willing to work hard, and believe in ourselves.  

So whatever it is that you fear in life, do look at it as a fear. Look at it as a challenge. Look at it as a way to better yourself, and a way to become even a stronger person than you already are. You can truly overcome any obstacle in life. Just stay positive, and keep working hard. You got this!

Michael Bonnell



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