Overcoming Fear And Anxiety: How to Change Your Life

overcoming fear and anxiety

overcoming fear and anxiety

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

We all feel it and we are all scared of it. We all know the burdens that it can bring and we all know the stress that it can cause. But if we truly want to understand fear, we first need to understand ourselves. We need to understand what is stopping us in life, where we want to go, and how we are going to accomplish our dreams. Overcoming fear and anxiety is probably one of the toughest challenges in life, but when we master our minds, we realize that we can overcome and accomplish anything.  

If you are focusing on overcoming fear and anxiety in your own life, do yourself a favor and accept change. Unfortunately there is not a magic wand that is going to wipe away all of your fears and the stress in your life so that you can continue to live your life on the same path. What you really need to do is to change your environment. Changing your environment changes everything. Whatever it is, change it. Want me to repeat that? Change it.

The truth is, if you are not willing to change the environment that you are in, fear and anxiety will settle in and control your emotions. How do I know? Well I have dealt with it for five years. All of my mental illnesses and obstacles in life have been a result of fear. I feared people were going to make fun of me, I feared that I was going to fail, and I feared that my life was meaningless. It wasn’t until I changed my environment that I once again found happiness and meaning in my life.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself, “But wait, what if I leave my job? What will I do then?” Oh, you mean the job that you hate? Well, in that case, then yes. If you hate your job, change your environment and start looking for a new one. Everyday that you wake up and go to a job that you do not like, you are torturing yourself. You are diminishing your own dreams and manifesting the dreams of someone else.

If there is one thing that I want you to take away from me rambling on, it is this. Your life, my life, and everyone else’s lives around us are far too short to be slaving away at things that we don’t like. We never know if there will be a tomorrow, we never know if there will be another five years, we just simply never know the future. Instead of living your life for someone else, follow your own dreams and live your life.

What you need to realize is that fear and anxiety only exists in your mind. Fear and anxiety only exist if you allow it to. Barriers that prevent you from achieving what you want in life are only in your head and nowhere else. 

If you are too scared to take risks or to take a chance on yourself, then the fear and anxiety in your life is never going to change. You are the only person that is in control of your destiny. Once you take a chance on yourself and change your environment, you will be able to find happiness and success again.

Personally, overcoming fear and anxiety was difficult for me. As a creature of habit, it was hard for me to break out of my shell and branch out to create new experiences. Once I changed my environment and started focusing on my dreams, then I was able to find happiness and love for myself again.

The change in my life started small. It started by simply talking to myself and . Yes, I was the person that would talk to themselves while pacing awkwardly. But I found what worked for me and I stuck with it. From there, it was all about positivity. It was all about changing my environment and surrounding myself with nothing but positivity. It was all about focusing on the belief that I can achieve whatever the heck I want to. Now, there is very little that I fear in life.

Overcoming fear and anxiety first starts with changing the environment around you. Whatever you need to do to change your environment, just do it. Whether it is by putting positive pictures in your room, playing cheerful music, or switching jobs, just do it. Your life is far too short and far too valuable to be doing things that do not make you happy. Follow your dreams, and never stop believing in yourself.

Michael Bonnell



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