Our Perception Becomes Our Reality

our perception becomes our reality
our perception becomes our reality

Daily Blog #278

While I was going through through the vast majority of my struggles, I was a freaking mess. A straight up emotional, physical, and spiritual hot mess. And that may even be putting it nicely. No matter what happened, I couldn’t find anything to be happy about. In all reality, it’s not that I was living a miserable life. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I was blessed beyond belief with an amazing family, all of the gifts that I could imagine, and the ability to be the person that I wanted to be.

But the reason that I was so miserable, is because I wasn’t willing to look anything to be happy about. See, our perception becomes our reality, and my perception on life was nothing but negative.

In looking back on my darkest days, I can now see how much good there really was in my life. Even while I felt trapped in my own emotions, my life was filled with nothing but constant blessings. But we have all been there. You experience something difficult that has never happened to you before, you often feel like the weight of the world is crashing down on you. Well, that is exactly how I felt. Only, it wasn’t a quick spell of negativity. It was a spell of negativity served with a side of cold hard depression that lasted for more than five years.

It’s funny to be able to look back on the person that I once was and chuckle about how I reacted to such miniscule problems. That’s just it though. The problems that we often face in life are miniscule when we are willing to take a step back and look at the issue through a different set of eyes than our own two.

Now I am not saying that life is perfect or that your problems are insignificant. Trust me, I know how challenging it is to stay focused on the positives when life seems to be crashing into you head-on. But how many times have you felt that way before?

Look back on your life and think about all the times that you have overreacted and felt like your life was over. That time that you got dumped in high school. That day when your bank account had a minus sign in front of the balance, ect. Remember that you got through those challenging times, and realize that you will get through these ones as well.

One of the things that has really helped me to see how fortunate I truly am is to step outside of my own body and reflect for a moment. Almost as if I am watching myself from a distant. Then I think about how my problems compare to the rest of the world. Are my problems really as big as I am making them seem, or am I just making them that way?

Think about all of the individuals in the world have have it worse than you and I do. The children who are going days without any food or water, the diseases that are taking innocent lives, even the weather that is leaving some stranded. Look even closer in your own community. I am from Minnesota, and right now the high temperature outside is -8 degrees fahrenheit. Are my problems really as significant as those who are homeless and are having to fight to stay alive? Or those who are hungry and fighting for the tiniest bit of food and warmth? Absolutely not.

I would dare say that nine out of ten times, if not more, we are making a bigger deal out of our problems than we probably should be. We simply have a tendency of creating more misery by lying to ourselves and saying that our problems are bigger than they truly are. Again, this isn’t to say that our problems are insignificant, but in retrospect, they are pretty minimal compared to those in our own community, let alone the entire world.

Your reality lies in your willingness to see the life that you have. Focus on the good in your life, use affirmations to lift yourself up, and embrace every ounce of strength that you already behold. See the progress that you have already made in your life, and recognize all of the challenges that you have already overcome. And look ahead to the amazing future that you have lying directly in front of you. See the good, attract the good, and live with the good.

Michael Bonnell



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