Our Obsessions Become Our Possessions

our obsessions become our possessions
our obsessions become our possessions
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Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. 

Do you remember that time as a kid when you wanted something so badly that you were willing to do anything to achieve it? Maybe you saved your money for a year, or simply annoyed your parents before they finally caved. Either way, think back on that time where you obsessed over something until you got your way. 

I know that some people aren’t going to resonate with me on this one, but as a kid, all I wanted was a new Xbox 360. Of course, I also wanted other things, but this was the one thing that I remember obsessing over the most. 

Every birthday, every holiday, and every day in between, I was obsessed with getting a new Xbox. I dreamed of the day when I would come home to find it sitting there for me. Literally… I dreamed of the day. 

All of my friends had one, and to be honest, you “weren’t cool” if you didn’t have an Xbox. It was like having Pong back in the stone age of tube TV’s, or similar to what iPhones are today. 

What happened as I became more obsessed with this super cool video game system that was finally going to make me one of the cool kids? I started to work for it. Not actually work because I was too lazy to get a job as a kid, but worked as in saved the little money that I had while annoying my parents every chance I got. That last part in and of itself felt like a job. 

So, why am I telling you this story of little old selfish me wanting an Xbox as a kid? What value is this possibly going to bring to your life? 

After what felt like an eternity of obsessing over an Xbox (despite the fact that it was actually less than a year), I finally got an Xbox. I had annoyed my dad so much while trying to convince him that we could play together and spend more time together, to the point where he got me one. 

Now, did he ever get to play it? Rarely. That thing consumed my life, but that’s not the point of this. 

For nearly a year I had obsessed over getting an Xbox until I finally got one. Without that obsession and that drive to get what yet wasn’t mine, I would not have gotten it. 

The point is, our obsessions become our possessions. Not just with an Xbox, but with anything in life. Whether it be with a job, with money, or with any material belonging, if you obsess over something enough and never lose sight of that obsession, it will eventually find its way to you. 

How Does Obsessing Work?

Think about it, when you obsess over something, you will be doing two things simultaneously. 

1. You Will Work Until It’s Yours. 

You will be finding a way to achieve your obsessions because they are all that’s on your mind and you can’t possibly see your life without them.

2. You Will Be Using The Law of Attraction.

Still think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Think again. Any obsession that becomes your possession only does so because you attracted it into your life. You saw yourself with it, thus it became apart of your life.

Your Path To Success

Obsession is your pathway to success. Whatever you want in life, you can achieve it. Just be willing to obsess over it. It is obsessing over your goals that will give you the strength to work towards them when you have no motivation. It is obsessing over your desires that will help you to find a solution to overcome any obstacle that you face. 

This isn’t to say that you can’t achieve something without obsessing over it, but it will be a lot more difficult to stay focused and to achieve the success that you want if you aren’t willing to obsess over the things you want. 

A few quick notes.

I also encourage you to find balance. Nothing is worth having if you are willing to give up your one and only life in order to achieve it. Find balance, make memories, live, laugh, love, and don’t forget to live your life. Lastly, follow your dreams. Not the dreams of others, but your own. Don’t obsess over something because you think it’s what others want you to do. Follow your dreams, work towards them with all of your might, and you will attract them.

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