Our Most Powerful Weapon In Life

our most powerful weapon
our most powerful weapon

Daily Blog #326

What if I gave you some news that would completely brighten your day? What if I told you that you hold the most powerful weapon in the world at your very disposal? A weapon that could help you to achieve anything that you wanted to achieve, do anything that you wanted to do, or be anything that you wanted to be? A weapon that could help to turn all of your wildest dreams into a likely possibility?

The good news is that you do. You have the power of the human mind. Despite not always being the easiest thing to control, the human mind is the most powerful weapon that anybody will ever have. It is a weapon that can either lead you to the life that you envision, or a weapon that can break you into a million pieces. And at every living moment, it is your hand on the trigger that controls the life that you are going to live.

The Power of Your Mind

If you can learn to control your mind, you can overcome and achieve far more often than you believe yourself to be capable of. When you reach that threshold, the threshold where you don’t think you can go any longer, that isn’t your maximum potential. In fact, it’s probably not even half of your true potential.

When you don’t believe that you can go any longer, that is your brain’s way of trying to keep you within your comfort zone as it has not experienced this new type of stress before. But if you listen to your mind, how much potential is going to waste? Potential that lies on the other side of your fears?

Impulse is driven by your minds comfort for desire. With anything that you are trying to achieve, though, you need to go against your mind’s impulse to give up, and you need to be willing to take more pain.

Think back to when you were a kid and you stubbed a toe. If you were like me, you probably would have screamed and cried bloody murder. If you do that today, odds are that the force of impact would be greater, but instead of kicking and screaming, you will probably just shake it off and keep moving on with your day. Again, it’s not that the pain is less, but you have trained your mind over the course of your life into realizing that a stubbed toe is not going to kill you.

That is what happens when you learn to put yourself through an uncomfortable situation. At first, it is going to scare the living hell out of you and the pain is going to feel immense. But remember, no matter how much pain you are experiencing, nothing is going to last forever. Once you accept the fact that the pain you are going through probably isn’t going to kill you, then you will start to take more changes on yourself – chances that lead to greater potential and greater success.

“Sadly, most of us give up when we’ve only given around 40 percent of our maximum effort. Even when we feel like we’ve reached our absolute limit, we still have 60 percent more to give.” – David Goggins

How much of your potential are you wasting? How likely are you to quit when the going gets tough because you don’t have anything more to give? Unfortunately, this is many of us. The second that we feel as if we can’t push ourselves any harder, we are really only giving 40 percent of our true potential. Can you imagine how much more successful we would be if we could tap into that other 60 percent? Can you imagine how much more we could accomplish? The truth is, you can find out. You just need to be willing to.

It’s not always going to be fun, enjoyable, or memorable, but if you want to achieve your true potential, you need to start pushing yourself more, and you need to be willing to endure more amounts of pain bit by bit.

Each time that you are willing to challenge your fears, you are simultaneously conditioning your mind into realizing that you are capable of achieving more than the limits that you set for yourself. The more you break the limits that you have established to be within your comfort zone, the more powerful you will become. Maybe not immediately, but over time, you will become a force to be reckoned with.

Our minds do many things to shape our life, and one of those things is to protect us against all danger. What we don’t take into account, though, is that while we believe our minds to be protecting us, they are also hurting us. They are preventing us from taking risks, they are stopping us from failing and learning, and they are not allowing us to tap into our true potential. Plain and simple, our minds and the thoughts that we think about control our every move.

Achieving a stronger mind.

So how do you build a strong and powerful mind? Well, the answer might frustrate you, but it is by training your mind over the course of time. You can’t expect to wake up one day and go from having a weak mindset to having a mindset where there is nothing in this world that can possibly stop you.

You achieve a stronger mindset by gradually challenging yourself to break out of your comfort zone, to test your boundaries, and to slowly realize that taking risks in life is not going to kill you. It isn’t always going to be easy, but you keep pushing yourself no matter what struggles you face because if you don’t, you will only live with regret.

A stronger mind will lead to a better life. And a better life will always be worth any amount of pain that you have to endure in order to achieve it. Remember that!

Michael Bonnell



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