ONE Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life

ONE Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life
ONE Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life

It all start’s with WHY. The deeper I am diving into Simon Sinek’s Start With WHY: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, the clearer it has become to see that sustainable and long-lasting success first starts with WHY.

WHY do you do the things that you do on a daily basis? WHY do you want to create the change that you are pushing towards? WHY are your goals important to achieve? WHY should others pay attention? 

One Simple Habit That Continues To Change My Life

As I am getting more and more into the book, asking myself WHY has become one simple habit that continues to change my life. It gives me direction. It gives me a purpose to move forward. Above all else, it helps me to feel fulfilled. 

It’s crazy how one simple three-letter word can put your entire life into perspective – the three-letter word that is WHY.

My WHY: it’s because I genuinely want to live a better life while helping others to find happiness and success in their lives. Whether it be through talking about my depression, tips that I have implemented into my daily life that have helped me to make strides towards my goals, or even just something that I think will brighten somebody else’s day, my main objective is to help others to live a better life than the one they were living before they were introduced to me. As cliche as it sounds, this is the only life that we get to live, and I want to do anything and everything I can to help brighten the lives of others. 

There are very few leaders that have the ability to inspire loyalty. It’s not because they are bad people or lack the ability to be strong leaders. They just view people as single transactions. There are also very few leaders that have the ability to continuously influence others despite all of the various walks of life that others may be coming from. 

Then, you have companies such as Apple, and leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Both show the possibilities of what happens when you start with WHY. Apple’s WHY: With everything Apple does, they aim to challenge the status quo. They aim to think differently. Their products are user-friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. They also have employees who believe in this WHY, and in turn, provide excellent service. 

These are WHY people choose to buy from Apple. They have built a following that aligns with their WHY.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an amazing speaker, but it was his WHY that others resonated with. Was he the smartest individual to ever walk the face of the planet? No. Was he the only social activist who had the ability to create change? No. But it was his WHY that made him so powerful. 

Martin Luther King Jr. WHY: he sought to raise the public consciousness of racism, to end racial discrimination and segregation in the United States once and for all. The fact that he had an amazing voice definitely helped him to build a following, but it was his WHY that others followed. 

The Golden Circle

Only once you have a strong WHY should you then figure out HOW and WHAT. The internet these days is full of many bloggers, YouTubers, and anybody on social media who you are willing to give your time to who is going to tell you that in order to change your life, you need to be reading daily, exercising consistently, eating healthy foods on a daily basis, journaling, and doing the basics to take care of yourself.

I have written these style articles before, and to be honest, I will probably (okay, I will) continue to write these style articles moving forward. But that’s because they align with my WHY. If I have found something that has benefited me in life, it is my WHY to spread that and to help change as many lives as I possibly can. 

This doesn’t mean that everything I say or do is correct or that it’s going to be suited for everybody. It just means that’s what has worked for me and it is my hope and intent that it will work for you as well. 

There’s a lot of personal growth, self-improvement, and self-help advice everywhere you look nowadays. It’s a growing field, and the more people see positive changes in their lives, the more it’s going to continue to grow.

But with the overwhelming and often contradicting information that you will be given, how do you separate what’s right from what’s wrong? How do you know what to believe and what to completely disregard? 

As I touched on earlier, before you can figure out WHAT’S right versus wrong, and how it might be right or wrong, you first need to figure out WHY. You aren’t always going to know what advice is true and what advice is false. You aren’t always going to know if others are giving you advice for your best interest or just getting you to click on a headline. You aren’t going to know if others believe exactly what it is that they are writing. But as long as you take in similar thoughts to what you believe, none of these things will matter. When you follow your WHY, everything else will fall into place just as it should. 

Once you have a strong meaning and purpose, only then can you start to figure out WHAT you are going to do to put your WHY into effect and HOW you are going to do it as well as HOW you are going to benefit others as well. 

The principle of “Start with Why” can have powerful benefits in everything we do. Whether it be in a sales position, building new relationships, chasing a goal or a dream, or even starting a daily blog just for the fun of it, when we start with WHY it becomes easier for others to get behind us and support our beliefs. Not only that, but when we start with WHY and when we follow our WHY, then we will begin to feel better about ourselves and about the missions that we all are on. 

Starting With WHY

I can only speak for myself, but starting why WHY has given me a whole new perspective and sense of awareness in life. I am more open to change, more open to opportunity, and more open to experimenting. The reason for this is because I am no longer afraid to be different than others. I know that my beliefs may not resonate with others, but that’s fine. There are many in which my beliefs will resonate with. As long as I know WHY I’m doing what I’m doing, then everything will happen as it should.

This one simple word is one that I encourage you to start asking yourself on a consistent basis. WHY? It takes two seconds to ask. In everything that you do, in every thought that you take action on, in every word that you speak, start with WHY. Your WHY is your reason for living your life, and the more you prioritize your WHY and focus on it, the better of a life you will live.

Michael Bonnell

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