If You Only Had One Day To Live

one day left to live
one day left to live

Great, here we go again talking about the uncomfortable truth of life – the truth that someday in the future, maybe even today, you and I are going to die. 

I don’t mean to be emotional or anything of that nature. Instead, I want to help you to find more happiness in your day and to start living the best life that possibly can. Plus, I’m trying this who;e “writing from the heart” thing, and for whatever reason, this is what my heart is feeling right now…

If You Only Had One Day to Live

If you only had one day left to live, like by the grace of God you somehow knew when you were going to die, how would you spend your day? Who would you spend that day with? What types of things would you do? What experiences would you wish to create? 

In thinking about this question myself, I can honestly say that the last month of my life has been filled with everything that I could ever want. From traveling to new countries, spending time with family and friends, to just being more present and grateful, I truly don’t think that I would change a thing. 

The only issue with all of this is that it has been over the course of a month. I have no idea how I would fit all of this into one day, but I assure you that I would somehow find a way to make it work. 

one day to live

Waiting Instead of Doing

I think it’s ironic how we wait to live our lives until we are given a timeline for when our time is coming to a near end. The truth is, we don’t know when we will die. It could be later today, it could be tomorrow, it could be in a year, or it could be any other time. We will simply never know. 

If we don’t know when we are going to leave this earth, then why do we wait to start living the one life that we are blessed with? Why are we not making the most out of this very minute knowing all too well that it could very well be our last? We are all living on borrowed time, which at any moment could be taken away. Why wait to live instead of starting to live the very life that we want to be living? 

Day By Day

Do I have goals for my future self?


Granted I am still alive, there are many things that I wish to achieve over the course of my life. 

But I am also learning to be more present and to take every day for what it’s worth – I am starting to take life day by day. If there is something that I want to see, a place where I want to go, or things that I want to do, I am simply doing them. I don’t want to wait until the future to start making the most of my life… I want to make the most of my life right now because the future is never promised. 

My best advice for you: live for today. Live the life that you want to live today, do the things that you want to do, and be the person that you want to be. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you want to do or be something different. That’s completely fine. But for now, focus on today and make the most of the moment that you are living in. 

Make Today Count

Look, nobody likes to think about death, but it is something that is, in fact, inevitable. Instead of fearing it, why not let it motivate you to live the life that you have always envisioned for yourself. One will never know when they are going to die, so it doesn’t make sense to wait for a future day to start living the life you want to live when that day is not guaranteed. 

What I’m trying to say, is don’t wait for retirement to start living your life. Don’t wait for next year to start achieving the goals that you want to achieve. Don’t wait until tomorrow to take that chance on yourself. Do all of these things today because tomorrow is never a given. 

Michael Bonnell

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