Why I Became Obsessed With Self-Improvement

Obsessed With Self-Improvement

Obsessed With Self-Improvement

I once got asked, “Do you think that by writing everyday, you are just replacing one habit in your life with another?” The new habit in my life being writing my thoughts in order to replace the old habits of basically everything that sucked in life. The answer to this question, you damn right I do!

I obsess over the thought of being happy.

I obsess with focusing my life on the positives.

I obsess with writing my thoughts on a daily basis.

I obsess with listening to as many uplifting podcasts, and reading as many motivational blogs as I possibly can consume.

And I have become obsessed with self-improvement.

Why? Because all of these obsessions have helped me turn my life around, and have helped to make me into a much better person. At least I believe they have.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Part of me wishes that you could see how far I have come since I started obsessing over happiness and positivity. You want to talk about being depressed? I was one of the most miserable people that you would ever meet in life. I had no belief in myself, no sense of self-worth, and very, very little hope for the future.

I became obsessed with self-improvement because I wanted to live my best life.

I had to make a choice in my life. I could either spend the rest of my life focusing on the negatives, or I could prioritize the good that actually filled my life, and enjoy the life that I have been so blessed to have. Needless to say, I made the choice to do whatever it required to live the best possible life that I could live.

Now, I do whatever it takes to live the best possible life that I could live. For me, living my best life means focusing on the positives, and just being happy. But I don’t just want to live a better life for me, I also want to help and make a lasting impact in the lives of others as well. In order for any of us to make the greatest impact in the lives of others, we need to make a greater impact in our own lives first.

I became obsessed with self-improvement because I want to show others that anything is possible.

Look, we all go through things that are going to make our lives difficult at times. No matter what obstacle you face, always believe in yourself, follow your dreams in life, and never give. As long as you are willing to believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything that you want to achieve in life.

I know I bring up the struggles that I have overcome on a frequent basis, but can you really blame me? For the first time in my life, I am proud of the person that I am. And it is because I embraced who I truly am, started following my dreams, and quit focusing on who others wanted me to be.

So believe in yourself for the person that you are, follow your dreams, and you will see that anything is possible. If I can do it, I know that you can too!

I became obsessed with self-improvement because it beats obsessing over the negatives.

While some may think that we are growing older in life, I personally believe that our life is getting younger and shorter. Every second that passes from here on out is time that we are never going to get back, and time that we are closer to death.

We don’t know when we are going to die. All we know is that at some point, we will. It could be tomorrow, it could be in 10 years, or it could be in 50 years.

Ask yourself if it is worth it to spend any amount of time focusing on the negatives in life. Let me help you with that one. The answer is always “NO.” Life is already short the way it is. Learn to focus on the good and make the most of the time that you have. You will never know when that time might run out.

I became obsessed with self-improvement because I want to be free.

Stress, anxiety, and depression. When I was not focusing on happiness and the positives in life, these are the emotions that I was feeling. They consumed my thoughts, and ultimately, they consumed my life. I felt lost and trapped in life.

I wanted to make memories with my family and friends, I wanted to be experience all that this amazing life has to offer, and I just wanted to be free. It wasn’t until I started focusing on myself that I actually started to do so.

I still can’t believe how far I have come over the course of the last six months. You might be thinking that I am full of it. To be honest, I probably would if I were you too. The only reason I don’t feel that way, is because I am living a much improved life. All because I focused my time and energy on becoming a better me. So again, yes, I do believe that I replaced one obsession with another one. And honestly, it was one of the best choices that I have ever made.

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