What’s Your Reason For Not Living Your Life?

not living your life
not living your life
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What’s your reason for not living your life? 

Of course you are living life, but are you truly living your best life or the life that you have always envisioned yourself living?

Perhaps there is something out there that you want to achieve, something that you would rather be doing with the short time that you have in life, or something that is more meaningful or brings a sense of purpose to you. 

The truth is, I’m in the same boat as you right now. I’m not going to say that I have all of the answers for how we are going to do this, because if I did, I wouldn’t be in the same boat. Instead, we are going to work together. We are going to create the very life that we want to live because we deserve nothing less. 

This plan isn’t meant to bring instantaneous change (very few quality plans do bring instantaneous change), but instead, it’s going to help set us up for change that will actually last – change that will soon allow us to live our better life. 

It all starts with addressing our fears.

What Are Your Fears?

When you think about living your very best life, what are some of the things that you fear that are holding you back from achieving that life? 

Perhaps it is your fear of money. You are scared to quit your job because it brings a steady paycheck. You fear that if you go out on your own and follow your dreams you might not have a sustainable source of income. 

Maybe you fear time. You think that it would take too long to create the life that you envision for yourself, and at the end of the day, if you fail, it would have all been a big waste of time. 

Perhaps you fear the amount it would cost to live the life that you want to live. For some, packing up and traveling the world is all that they want to do, but with that, funds and savings accounts can quickly change. 

How about your fear of judgment? Are you scared of being judged and how your dreams are going to look in the eyes of others? If you answer yes to this one, this next part is for you.

Count the Cost

Is it worth it to you? 

This very question can either make or break anything that you do in life. If it is not worth it to overcome all of your fears in exchange for living a better life, then nothing is ever going to change. And you have to be okay with that as only you are in control of your future. 

But if living a better life than the one you are currently living is important to you, then you need to be willing to stop at nothing short of achieving that life.

You are going to run into various obstacles along the way, there are going to be some hard times, and you are going to have to overcome every single one of the fears that you have drawn up within the walls of your mind. If it is worth it to you, though, you will stop at nothing until you achieve the life that you envision yourself living. 

not living your life

Creating a Plan

I told you this isn’t going to bring instantaneous change. Life is a process, and so too is achieving a better life than the one you are currently living. 

At the beginning of an idea should always be a plan for how that idea can be born into a reality. What will it require to achieve your goal and how do you plan for it? 





Here are four key points to focus on. 


What is your goal? What is it that you want to be doing with your life? And don’t give a broad answer of wanting to travel the world more. Be as specific as possible. 

Why do you want to travel the world more? Where are you going to travel to? What are you going to do when you get to the different destinations in which you want to visit? 

The more specific you get, the easier it is to stay motivated towards achieving your goal, and the easier it is to actually track how you are progressing towards the said goal.


Again, be as specific as possible. How long is it going to take you to achieve your goals? How much time and effort are your goals going to take in order for you to fulfill them? 

Give your goal a time frame for when you want to have completed it by. Don’t just say you want to travel the world, have a goal of traveling “x” amount of times over “x” number of years. When you get more specific with what your goals are, you are more likely to stay on track with those goals. Not only that, but you will be more motivated to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way when you have a set date of completion.


How much is it going to cost you to live the life that you envision for yourself? How much do you need to save up in order to actually jump into the unknown and start living the life that you wish to live? 

Let’s say that it’s going to cost you $5,000 to finally take that chance on yourself to live your better life. Don’t just wait for $5,000 to magically appear in your bank account… work for it! Put $200 into savings every month. In a matter of 25 months, you will have enough. 

If you don’t want to wait two years, find a side hustle. Sell items in your room on eBay, get another job on the weekends, pick up a few extra shifts at work. 

Living your better life isn’t going to be an easy task to achieve, if it was, we would all be living our best life. But if you want to live your best life, then you need to be willing to stop at nothing short of what that life looks like for you. 


No, this doesn’t mean money. What is it going to cost you to live a better life? Are you going to have to sacrifice relationships? Are you going to have to let go of your ego? Will you need to overcome the judgment of others? 

To answer these questions – well, it all depends on what it is that you want in life. Maybe you won’t have to sacrifice much, or maybe you will have to sacrifice a lot. Again, though, if your dreams of living a better life mean enough to you, you need to be willing to invest in yourself full-heartedly and pursue those very dreams. 

Final Thoughts

Life truly is what you make of it. The thing is, nobody is going to live your life for you, and nobody is going to pursue your dreams for you. You have to be willing to live your life and follow your dreams on your own. 

There is no excuse for why you are not living your life. It is your life to live, and it is up to you to make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

Michael Bonnell

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