How To Never Run Out Of Ideas To Blog About

never run out of ideas to blog about
never run out of ideas to blog about
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I’m pretty proud of myself. Somehow and someway, I have managed to blog every single day for nearly a year and a half. Never in my life have I done something consecutively for a full year straight. And writing? I used to hate writing… I always considered myself to be a poor writer and wanted nothing to do with it. It was the last habit that I ever expected to develop. 

I’m not going to lie, there are some days writing is incredibly easy. But there are also days where even writing a sentence seems like a monumental task. Every writer experiences days like this – days where no matter how hard you try to think, and no matter how badly you want to write, you are just stumped. 

Yeah, writer’s block sucks, but I want to share with you some tips that have helped me to write daily and “avoid” writer’s block. If you are aspiring to be a daily writer, I believe these tips will help you as well. 

5 Tips To Help You Never Run Out of Ideas To Blog About. 

Write What You Want To Write

There is no right or wrong thing that you have to write about. Write about whatever it is that’s on your mind, what is motivating you, any emotion that you feel the need to let go of, or anything else that might be on your mind.

The beautiful thing about writing is that you get to choose what you want to write about. When you get to choose, you have more fun with it. And when you have more fun with it, it makes writing easier and more enjoyable. 

Write When You Want To Write

The best piece of advice that I have for you; write when you want to write. 

As a daily writer, I find myself often getting caught in a routine. I get up in the morning, go to a coffee shop, and write. Sometimes, though, ideas won’t come to me until much later on in the day, and sometimes, they don’t come to me at all. 

The key is to not limit yourself. Just because you want to become a daily writer doesn’t mean that you need to actually write every single day. Write more on the days when your thoughts are flowing so that when you do encounter a day where you are experiencing writer’s block, you don’t feel obligated to write something just for the sake of writing something. 

Jot Down Topics

Carry a notepad with you or even use the notes app on your phone and jot down ideas as they come to you. Trust me, it works. I think I have about 50 ideas written down in the notes section on my phone and an additional 20 in my journal.

With this, just be sure to write down a brief summary of exactly what you were thinking so that when you sit down to write, you will be able to recall what you were thinking. 

Another tip, if you are in the car, open up a recording app on your phone. If I am driving, I simply open up the voice memos app on my phone and record a miniature podcast. That way when I get home, I can replay it and write about it. 

Read As Much As Possible

Reading is knowledge, and knowledge is power. 

One of the reasons why I have learned to enjoy reading so much is because it helps me to think in completely new ways. I may read a book or a blog post, resonate or disagree with it, and there you have it, all of a sudden I have a topic to write about.

This doesn’t mean that you should copy the thoughts of others, but don’t be scared to write about the same topic as others. As long as your writing is an accurate reflection of your thoughts, write whatever you want. 

Be Yourself

Am I the world’s best writer? No. But I am me, and that is my greatest power. I may not be perfect, but I can tell my story better than anybody else could. 

When it comes to writing daily, just be yourself. Walk your walk, and talk your talk. Don’t try to develop a certain style of writing just to please an audience. When you are yourself, not only will you have more fun with writing, but you will also develop a loyal audience – one that follows you for the real you. 

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Now it’s your turn. Take these tips, apply them, and let your imagination run wild. How will you know if what you are writing is good? If you enjoy writing it. If you don’t enjoy what you are writing, then you are doing it all wrong.

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