Never Have I Ever

never have i ever
never have i ever

Daily Blog #313

I am still in so much pain. It hurts to eat, it hurts to drink, and it hurts to smile. Truth be told, the pain pills might be the only thing saving me from losing my mind right now. But despite how much pain I am still in, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Never have I ever been as happy as I am today. There is this newfound love that I have for the life that I am living – I have never felt this way before. It doesn’t matter how good yesterday was and how bad today might be going, there is just this overwhelming sense of gratitude that I am living the greatest gift.

Never have I ever had the self-confidence that I have now. Not in an egotistical way, but rather in a way where I say bring it on. Bring on whatever life throws at me. I know that I have the strength to handle anything. This doesn’t mean that I am always going to succeed, but I am going to learn.

Never have I ever believed in myself as much as I do now. While I can’t control when my dreams are going to become my reality, all I know is that they will. Each and every day I am working towards living the life that I dream of living, and I truly believe that I will accomplish everything that I want to achieve. All I can say is that after all of these years, I am sure glad to have finally developed it.

Never have I ever been as excited to fail as I am today. Failure doesn’t mean that I am failing in life. It actually means I am succeeding. I am succeeding at breaking out of my comfort zone, trying new and different things, and living life for the experiences instead of allowing my fears to control me.

You might be thinking to yourself “Okay, well how in the world is this going to benefit me? How is this guy talking only about himself going to bring value to my life?”

Here’s how. Never have I ever loved life, had this amount of self-confidence, believed in myself this much, or been this excited to fail, because never have I ever lived my life to be the person that I want to be. This mindset of strength, belief, and gratitude came when I quit listening to the beliefs of others, gave up on the idea of perfection, and started living my life for the imperfect person that I am.

You might think that striving to be perfect is the key to living a happier life, but the truth is that the more you focus on trying to be perfect, the more miserable your life will become. Perfection is something that is not attainable for any person. Perfection is something that will cripple your true potential. And perfection is a focus that is going to make your life a living hell. Overall, perfection is an idea, not a reality. Take it from someone who used to strive for it.

Instead of focusing on perfection, I want to challenge you to do something today. I want to challenge you to go out and live the imperfect life that you have. Go out, make mistakes, embrace new challenges, experience new news, and just live your life for the amazing gift that it truly is.

We don’t have much time here, so why waste any living moment? Make the most out of every opportunity that you have right in front of you, and show your gratitude for this incredible gift that you are living by living it to the fullest. My hope for you is that you find all of the joy within all of your imperfections!

Michael Bonnell



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