Embrace Your Differences & Never Be Someone You’re Not

never be someone you're not

never be someone you're not

Never Be Someone You’re Not

If you have been following me on my journey to living a better life, I want to thank you. Not only do I want to thank you for supporting my dreams, but I also want to thank you for tolerating my terrible grammar skills. Yeah, I know that I am not always grammatically correct, but to be completely honest, I really don’t care. What I care about is spreading a message. A message that entails positivity, the freedom of speaking my mind, and the ability to be sincere. Instead of focusing on the beliefs of others, I have learned to stay true to myself and my beliefs. With that, I want to challenge you. Everyday of your life, be who you are meant to be, and never be someone you’re not.

Growing up, I wanted to be many things in life. In my post Why Money And Fame Won’t Buy Happiness, I talked about how I wanted to be like one of the YouTube celebrities that I admired as a young adult. Instead of wondering what I would do in his position, I just wanted to be him. I was giving up on all of my abilities and characteristics, and focusing on being a person that I will never become. Right then and there, I was throwing all sense of self-confidence and self-worth right out the window.

Now, I let others think what they want about me. If they don’t like me for being the person that I am, then I am fine with that. I can’t help how others perceive me in life, and I am definitely not going to change who I am just for the acceptance of others. I am happy with who I am, and with who I am becoming. To me, that is what truly matters to me in life. Being happy with ourselves is a greater accomplishment than anything that money can buy.

We often times pride ourselves on the wrong things in life. Maybe it is having more money than our friends, or having a newer car, or having a more important title at our job. While we pride ourselves on these things, what we are really wanting is to just be accepted by others. Instead of accepting ourselves for who we are, we get so caught up in how others will think of us. We are becoming someone who we aren’t.

Think about it. What happy or successful person in life has achieved anything by being an imposter of another human? Um, the answer is zero. There has never been a person who has achieved any level of success by trying to be someone else. Why? Because the person that you are trying to be will always be a better version of themselves. All of the happy and successful people in life, CEOs of companies, athletes, they all got to where they are by embracing their own characteristics and using them to their strengths.

Each and every one of us have our own personalities, abilities, and unique characteristics. Instead of lying to ourselves and acting like someone we aren’t, it’s time to embrace these differences and be who we are meant to be. Learn to speak your mind, learn to be who you are, learn to follow your dreams, and learn to just love your life for the blessing that it is.

Now I don’t know about you, but the only reason that I wanted to ever be someone who I wasn’t, was because I doubted who I truly was. I doubted my abilities, I doubted my dreams, and I lost all sense of self-belief. When we focus on the negatives, and on being just like other people, this is what happens. Instead of manifesting our own dreams, we are manifesting the dreams of others. Learn from my mistakes and never be someone you’re not.

So enough of the excuses. Don’t pursue the dreams of others, don’t live the life of others, and don’t live for the acceptance of others. Pursue the dreams that you truthfully believe in, live for yourself, and focus on loving yourself for the amazing person that you are. Always stay true to your beliefs and never be someone you’re not.

Michael Bonnell



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