My Motivation For Daily Blogging

My motivation for daily blogging

One thing that I know about myself is when I get an idea in my head, I go overboard and obsess over it. This has created some unhealthy relationships in my life, but it has also created some of the best. So why would I commit to a daily blog if I know it could potentially build a negative relationship? Because you never know unless you try.

Two years ago, I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and randomly came across a few inspiring videos. The videos were about this guy from New York City who was starting a daily vlog. You know, like a blog but in video format. I clicked on the channel and saw a collection of videos that consumed every bit of my attention. For hours, I was watching videos from this YouTube channel and was fascinated by the content and the concept.

Yes, I am talking about Casey Neistat’s Youtube Channel. On his 35th birthday, Casey made a promise to himself. He said that he was going to upload a video everyday for as long as he could as a way to express his creative process. Imagine it, an average person walking around New York City constantly holding a camera in front of their face. Very few people were daily vlogging, and even fewer were doing it successfully.

Casey’s YouTube channel was one of the coolest things that I had ever come across. This wasn’t just the incredible content that was being uploaded, it was the concept of the channel. It takes guts to walk through the streets of NYC with a camera in front of your face and not care at all what people think about you. It takes even more guts to record your daily life and not hide anything from the internet. Think about it, he was giving the internet every detail of his life and wasn’t holding anything back.

This got me thinking. What was so inspiring about this YouTube channel? For me, the inspiration came from the fact that he was providing entertaining videos every single day for the world to see. He was giving us something to watch that was going to put a smile on our face or make our day just a little better.

I have always wondered what my purpose was in life, and this YouTube channel provided me with some perspective.

My motivation for daily blogging comes from the thought of helping others. I want to do more than just provide people with information and tips. I want to give others an insight on my life and not hold back. We all have had our fair share of battles through life, but part of overcoming those battles is the learning process. If I can provide insight on what I value in life, maybe it will help one person overcome a struggle in their life. By helping just one person in doing so, I will be able to put a smile on my face.

See, life is not about how much money you have or how famous you are. Life is about finding your purpose, sticking to your values, and helping others. By watching Neistat’s YouTube channel, I was able to gain a different perspective on my life. I realized that my purpose was to help others and hopefully provide them with hope or a smile on their face. My motivation behind daily blogging is to provide you with what Casey was able to provide me, a different perspective on life and a smile on my face.

Michael Bonnell



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