We Are More Than A Number

more than a number

more than a number

Live to be more than a number.

Have you ever noticed how the world around us seems to categorize us as a number? That’s right, a number instead the person that we are. Think about it. It seems as if our value or worth is now defined by the amount of zeros we have in our bank accounts, our number of accomplishments, the number of pounds that the scale reads, our waist size, and even the number of followers that we have on social media. But reality is, we are much more than that. We are much more than a number. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of that.

I have to admit it, I am a creature of habit. There is just something about change that has always been difficult for me to grasp. When I become comfortable with a specific pattern or routine, like most people, it takes a lot for me to break that habit. It even gets to the point where I sometimes let numbers control my actions.

In my post The Importance of Staying True to Yourself, I had said that the number on the scale, and the number of calories that we consume will never define our worth as humans. While I do still stand by this this, I also know how challenging it is to actually see past the numbers that surround us.

How many followers did I gain overnight? How many people read my blog? How much money am I going to make today? These are the thoughts that I often circulate through my mind before I force my brain to redirect these thoughts.

Why is it that I care so much about these numbers? They do not accurately reflect who I am as a person. None of these numbers ever have, and they never will define my worth. So why is it that I even spend my time focusing on them?

The reason that we care so much about numbers, is because the world around us has categorized us as a number. To get into a good school, we need to have a certain GPA. To get millions of likes on instagram, we need to be posing next to fancy cars or take a picture without our shirts on. And we save every penny because we think that security comes from having money. Okay, maybe the last one is just me, but still, you get the idea.

Ask yourself what good are these numbers helping to contribute to your life. Do you really think a 4.0 GPA will guarantee that you are going to be successful in life? Do the amount of likes that you get on a social media post determine the influence that you have the ability to make in the world? Does a number in your bank account really represent your quality of life? The answer to all of these is no. In fact, the only thing that numbers are doing, is controlling your every move in life.

I want to challenge you as I am challenging myself. See yourself and those around you as being more than just a number. The next time you get a “like” on social media, read the persons name. Acknowledge that somebody else took time from their day to like something of yours, instead of just thinking of them as a like. The next time somebody asks how much you weigh, tell them that a scale can’t measure good looks. And the next time you think about saving every penny, remember that tomorrow is never guaranteed, so live your life as today is your last day.

Make the choice. Stop letting numbers define who you are, and choose to just be you. Just being you is more valuable than any test score, amount of followers, the number on the scale, or any other number in the world. They do not define your value as a person, so don’t let them. Live your life for all of the amazing experiences and opportunities that surround you. Live to be much more than a number.

Michael Bonnell



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