Why Money And Fame Won’t Buy Happiness

money and fame won't buy happiness

money and fame won't buy happiness

An example that money and fame won’t buy happiness

At some point in our lives, we have all wondered what it would be like to be wealthy and famous. Perhaps it was to be the next great professional athlete, the next up and coming pop star, or even the next YouTube celebrity. There is this misconception that we will only be happy if we achieve a certain level of social status. The truth is, money and fame won’t buy happiness. How do I know? Well, let me just explain.

Growing up, I was a bit of a “gamer.” After I quit playing sports, video games consumed the majority of my free time for about six years. In fact, I was so into video games that I made a YouTube channel and started posting gameplays and commentaries onto my channel for everyone to see. I managed to reach 1,000 subscribers before I finally decided to focus on other things in life.

If I was not playing video games, I was watching YouTube videos of other people playing. Truth be told, I sometimes still do this. One of my favorite YouTubers was FaZe Rain, or Nordan Shat. Nordan quickly became one of the biggest Call of Duty players in the world. He used to post daily videos of himself playing video games or recording the events in his daily life (daily vlogs). After about 7 years of making videos, his primary channel is now sitting at 5.2 millions subscribers and about 970 million video views.

Nordan’s YouTube channel gets so much exposure to the point where he has made around $2.5 million. That is not even counting the sponsorships and endorsements. So what did he do with his money? At the age of 19, he retired his parents, bought a Tesla, and topped it off with a Maclaren. Just in case that wasn’t enough, he and a group of his closest friends bought a $10 million dollar mansion in Newport Beach, California. Seems like he is living the life, right?

While many of us think that millions of dollars, fancy cars, or living in a mansion would bring us happiness in our lives, it didn’t for Nordan. Nordan is a prime example of how money and fame won’t buy happiness.

Since his younger days, he has been battling with his emotions and some mental health illnesses. It got so severe to the point where he ended up harming himself and had an extended stay in the hospital.

I am not going to speculate on any areas of his life, because I want to respect his privacy. A few days ago, he posted a new video on YouTube and opened up about his recent struggles. I am going to leave his video below so that you can see it for yourself.

Click Here For The Video

I used to spend hours watching him play video games. Seriously, I envied his life and sometimes wished that I was him. The guy was making millions of dollars for playing video games and living in big mansions. What wasn’t to love about that idea? But he is a perfect example that money and fame won’t buy happiness. While I used to admire him for the money he made and the fame, I can tell you that I admire him much more now.

What Nordan did is nothing short of courageous. He took an audience that he built by playing video games, and is now using that audience to spread a positive message. He told 5.2 millions people about his past and about his struggles in life. The best part, he is now using his audience to spread a message of love and positivity.

This is just one example of an internet celebrity opening up about their personal lives. See, the truth is that we strive so hard to be famous and be rich because we think that will be the cure all to our problems. No matter what you do in life, money and fame won’t buy you happiness. So don’t go out there chasing after the dollar bills or fame. Create a life for yourself that brings you happiness and joy. That is truly what life is all about. 

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