4 Mindful Ways to Achieve Success

mindful ways to achieve success

mindful ways to achieve success

Mindful Ways to Achieve Success

As I was scrolling through Pinterest today, I came across a pin that really grabbed my attention. It read “Mindful ways to achieve success.” I looked at the pin, thought to myself, clicked on it, and that big bright light went off in my head. Right then and there, I was inspired. I was inspired because the picture didn’t summarize success as having money or fame. The picture summarized success by characteristics within ourselves that each and every one of us have control of. It summarized what being successful really stands for.

The thing is that many of us define success by having loads of money, fame, happiness, and health. In order to be successful, we need to be the best at everything that we do. But what if that is not what being successful truly means. Personally, I don’t believe success is measured by anything other than our mindset. I believe that we are all successful, but we just don’t see it. Here are some mindful ways to achieve success on a daily basis.   

4 Mindful Ways to Achieve Success

  1. Work

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you want to achieve success, you need to be willing to work. You need to work harder than you have ever worked in your entire life, and never stop grinding. Now some might be thinking “Work on my mind?” Yes, your mind is the number one factor between success and failure. It can either make or break you on a daily basis.

Do everything that you can to work on improving your mindset. If you love yourself, learn to love yourself more. If you believe in yourself, learn to believe in yourself more. The moment that you stop pursuing your dreams and working to better yourself, is the moment that negativity and self-doubt will creep in.

Nothing worth having in your life is ever going to come easy, even if it is “just” your mindset.  If you aren’t willing to work to better yourself, you can kiss the thought of success goodbye. Learn to focus on positivity, and learn to work for everything that you desire in life. You are the only one that can stand between you and your dreams.

  1. Pray

Yes, I am a believer in God. If you are not, that is fine, I am not here to push my beliefs on you or try to convert you. But for me, I pray. I pray regularly that God gives me the strength to overcome obstacles in life, I pray that God heals those who need healing, and I pray that God helps me to stay on the path that He wants me to follow.

For me, praying and believing go hand in hand. When I for strength, I also believe that God does not give me anything that He doesn’t think I can handle. I know what my purpose is in life and I know the difference between right and wrong. It is my duty as a child of God to do right by Him, and to help those around me.

  1. Think

Think, thank, thunk. I think about everything in life. That kind of sounds weird, but I think about everything. Everyday that I wake up, I think and reflect on what my goals are for the day. Coincidentally enough, my goals are to be more present in the moment and to live life without overthinking everything. I have noticed that thinking about my goals first thing in the morning actually helps me to think less in life throughout the day.

I wake up, tell myself to not think so much, and just go live. After that initial thought in my head, I just do it. The amount of stress that I hold it less, and my mood immediately brightens. All because I think about my goals, and work towards them out during the day.

  1. Believe

Everything that we do in life starts because we believe. We don’t do things that we don’t think that we can achieve. We do things that we believe that we can achieve. Learn to believe in everything that you do, and learn to believe in your abilities.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you are not going to get anywhere in life. It is that simple. You have to realize that you can do anything that you want to achieve in life if you just believe in yourself and your abilities. If you want to be the most successful person in the world, then chase your vision of success. Believe, follow your dreams, and you can truly achieve anything that you desire.

My life is focused around the thought of happiness and success. But I probably don’t see success as the same way that the majority of others do. Don’t get me wrong, sure it would be nice to have luxurious things in life. I would love to have millions of dollars and fancy cars, but that is not how I measure success. It used to be, but that was because I was weak minded and blinded by the judgement of others.

Now, I see being successful as being happy with who I am as an individual, loving the life that I am living, and having a strong mind. By following these mindful ways to achieve success, I am staying true to my core beliefs, and I am living my best life.

Everything that we do in life stems from our minds. Without a strong mind, success will just be a word that we will never achieve. Establish what success means to you, and chase it. Chase your dreams with everything that you have, and never give up. You can do anything that you desire in life, you just need to believe in yourself.

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