Millionaire Success Habits Event by Dean Graziosi

millionaire success habits event
millionaire success habits event

Millionaire Success Habits Event

Well, I attended my first “mastermind” event today. Actually, if I am going to be honest with you, I only attended half of it before I decided to leave. It’s not that the event was bad necessarily, but it wasn’t for me.

I saw an ad that Dean Graziosi was coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota to do a Millionaire Success Habits workshop, so I signed up for the event and took my dad with me. Together, we went into the event expecting to gain knowledge, insight, and success habits commonly shared amongst millionaires. Okay, he didn’t expect much, but I did.

Unfortunately, though, I was completely mistaken. Dean wasn’t even at the event.

After signing in and receiving our free copy of Dean’s book Millionaire Success Habits (probably the best part of attending), we went into a conference room where one of Dean’s employees Andrew Hammond led a sales pitch for their 3-day workshop. The workshop is supposed to reveal information for how to invest in real estate, and how to do so with absolutely no money down. If that sounds like fun to you, then feel free to attend for only $997.

The first part of the event lasted around two hours. At the two hour mark, Hammond encouraged those who were interested to go to the back of the room and sign up. Surprisingly, there were around fifty individuals out of the hundred of us in the conference room that went to sign up. As the rest of us sat and dozed off, Hammond brought somebody else up to the front of the room and had them share their success story in an attempt to squeeze every last one of us to sign up. After a brief five minutes, there was finally a break to get up for ten minutes. I saw this as an opportunity to leave.

Key Takeaways:

Okay, because I hate only seeing the negatives in every situation, I want to share with you some of the positives and valuable lessons that I did learn from the event. Even if I had to look hard and read between the lines for some of these takeaways, I do believe that they can be applied to more than just real estate, and can be beneficial in life in general.

– The secret to success: The secret to success is to surround yourself with smart(er) people. We are the sum total of the people that we surround ourselves with. It doesn’t do us any good to surround ourselves with those who share the same knowledge as us. Instead, we should surround ourselves with those who are smarter than we are to gain some of their knowledge.

– Successful individuals share three other similarities.

– They have the right education. This isn’t general education, but education that is specialized for their specific field.

– They have the right tools to grow. With everything that we do, we need to have the right tools in order to become successful. If we don’t have the tools required to excel in a specific field, then we will be searching long and hard for any success.

– Wealthy people are doers, not talkers. Talk is cheap. If you really want to become successful, then you need to get past the talking stage and you need to put your words into action.

– If you aren’t making progress towards your goals, it’s because your effort doesn’t match the goals that you are setting for yourself.

– We are ultimately responsible for our own success. This is one of the points of the conference that I highly agreed with. If you want to be successful in life, then you need to be willing to find what success looks like to you and work until you achieve it.

– The first step toward success is action. You will never become successful if you aren’t willing to take action and actually pursue what your version of success looks like.

– To become successful, fish where your competition is not.

– Fear is a natural human emotion. It’s what we do with our fear that determines the impact that it has on our lives. We can either allow fear to stop and control us, or we can use fear as motivation to learn and progress. Odds are the fear that we have stems from a lack of knowledge, so if we invest in our knowledge, our fears won’t be as scary and controlling as they once were.

-Life is a game. It’s a fun game when you know the rules and how to play it. We have to start by taking personal ownership for our lives and for where we are in life. No matter how you look at it, you are where you are in life because of you. Your circumstances may not have been ideal, but you always have the power of perception.

Is It Worth It To Attend?

If you are into real estate and want to learn how to make money flipping houses, this event could be very beneficial for you. But for someone like me who has no interest in real estate and would rather learn the habits of successful individuals, then you should probably just save yourself the time and perhaps just pick up a book instead.

As far as hoping to actually see Dean Graziosi speak, yeah, you would be disappointed as he is not actually there. It was more of a sales pitch for his company for an event that they were hosting the next weekend where, again, Dean would not be there. Again, it might be a good investment for some, but not for someone who has zero interest in real estate.

The big question, do I regret going? The answer is no. While I just bashed the event, I did also take away some valuable information. To me, any valuable information is worth my time. I wouldn’t do it again, but I don’t regret going. Plus, I got a free book. What’s not to like about that?

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