How Can We Make Ourselves Matter?

make ourselves matter

make ourselves matter

How can we make ourselves matter more in life?

Good morning, good day, and good evening. As usual, I hope that you are having an amazing day so far. In today’s post, I want to share something that happened to me recently. Last night, I spent a good amount of my night answering questions on Quora. If you don’t know what Quora is, it is a question and answer platform where anyone can ask or respond to a specific question depending on the topics that you follow. After answering a few questions, a notification popped up in my inbox. Someone wanted me to help them in answering a question. The question was “how can we make ourselves matter?”

At first, I didn’t know if this was a automated question (bot) or if someone was actually asking it. It turns out, someone was actually asking me this question. I couldn’t believe that someone was asking me how they can make themselves matter in life. Then I remembered that I have been in that situation before. No matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, we simply feel alone. It is as if we are not valuable in the world.

After some thought, here was my response: “What do you mean how can you make yourself matter? You do matter. Despite what anyone says, there are always going to be people that love you and who care for you. There are always going to be people whose lives you impact. What it comes down to is how you see yourself.

People all around the world would love to have the opportunities that you have in life. You have access to internet and a computer. You also have access to freedom and the desire to be whoever it is in life that you want to be. I mean, that is something that 80% of the population in the world doesn’t have access to.

Now if you want to make yourself matter MORE in your own eyes, then follow your dreams and work your butt off. Follow your dreams and achieve them. Trust me, I was in the same boat as you. I didn’t think that I mattered until I started following my dreams and started focusing on positivity. Since then I have realized that I have never mattered more. I have found my purpose in life and I have stayed true to my beliefs. The way I see it, attitude should come down to your perception and how hard you are willing to work for YOURSELF, nobody else.”

Not going to lie, I was a little fired up when I was answering this question. Not because of the fact that someone asked me to help them in seeing that they matter, but because I want so badly for everyone in this world to see their worth and true potential. We are only limited to what we say we can and can’t do. Every single opportunity in the world is literally at the tips of our fingers, all we have to do is to work hard to achieve what it is that we want to accomplish.

Forget what has happened in the past. Forget all of the people who have ever doubted you and told you that you don’t amount to anything. Instead, think of life as a book. The past has already been written and published. There is no going back and recreating it, so don’t even stress about it. The rest of our lives, however, are still in the writing stage. We have an opportunity to write the pages and chapters to come. We have the ability to create the happy ending that we all love to read about. All we have to do is stay positive, focus on our dreams, and work as hard as we possibly can.

So when we question ourselves and ask how can we make ourselves matter, know that you already do. It just comes down to your perception and how hard you are willing to work. Despite how you see your life, know that there are always going to be people in this world that love and care for you. So hold your head high, stay positive, and move forward. Remember that you have the ability to write the next page in your life, so go do it. Believe in yourself, work towards your dreams, and never give up. That is how we can make ourselves matter even more.

Michael Bonnell



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