Achieve Greatness By Living With Purpose

living with purpose
living with purpose

We often wonder what our purpose is in life. Well, at least I know that I do. I think about questions like why do I deserve to be alive? Why was I placed here on this earth? What am I meant to be doing with my life? What is my purpose?

By no means is this saying that I don’t want to be alive or don’t appreciate my life because the life that I am now living is nothing short of miraculous. I simply ask these questions as me just wondering what I am meant to be doing in life.

The thing is, this is exactly how the vast majority of us think. We believe that our purpose in life is already out there and we just have to search to find it. What we fail to realize, though, is that we create our own purpose. We create the life that we wish to live by doing the things that matter the most to us.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Everything that we want in life already exists. And in the incredibly small chance that it doesn’t exist, all you need to do is to be the first one to accomplish whatever that thing might be. But no matter what, just know that it is entirely up to you, and only you, to use your surroundings, your imagination, and your power of will to create the life that you want to live.

Those who achieve greatness over the course of their life don’t do so by listening to the direction in which others want them to go in or by going out in their world trying to find themselves.

When we “try to find ourselves,” we immediately become susceptible. We become susceptible to being influenced by others and we allow the opinions and judgments of others to control and determine the very life in which we live.

That’s not what life is about. Life is about embracing the individual that you already are, going after every single one of your desires, and stopping at nothing short of living the life that you want to live.

Those who achieve greatness in life do just that. They achieve greatness by envisioning exactly how they want their life to look, and then create that life at whatever cost.

“Who we are and where we want to go determine what we do and what we accomplish.” – Gary Keller

There is no stopping short of their goals, and there is no allowing others to influence which direction they go in. Those who achieve greatness do so by living with purpose and creating the very life they want to live.

Greatness will only come to those who chase it. The individuals that do achieve any amount of greatness over the course of their lives are not any different from you or me. They just simply created the life in which they wanted to live instead of trying to find one that was already created for them by others.

Every step of the way people are going to try and influence you into living the life in which they want you to live. Not the life that you want to live, but the life that they want you to live. But if greatness came from listening to the beliefs of others and allowing the society around us to influence our every decision, then the vast majority of us would already be living with purpose instead of wondering what our purpose is, would we not?

You can’t expect extraordinary results from average work, so don’t even bother trying.

To go back to the questions in the first paragraph, I hope you can see the errors that many of us, unfortunately, make on a daily basis.

The key to achieving greatness and living with purpose isn’t to try and find yourself, it’s to create yourself into the person who you want to become. Your life is a direct reflection of the choices that you make, so it is up to you to choose wisely and create the life that you want to live.

Michael Bonnell



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