Living A Life of Gratitude and Happiness

living a life of gratitude
living a life of gratitude
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Do you ever just sit back and wonder how life is so amazing? I mean, I know that there are some days where life can be incredibly challenging, but there are also those days where life simply feels like a dream. It is on these days where there seems to be no wrong, no bad, and no negativity. Only happiness, positivity, and oh yeah… gratitude.

I am having one of those days today; one of those days where I am living a life of gratitude and happiness.

Today is my last day working for the company that took a chance on me three and a half years ago and hired me without yet having completed my college degree. Unfortunately, it’s also the last day that I will come to the coffee shop that I have been coming to for the last year or so. 

There’s something special about this place. The employees have become my friends, I have grown some incredible relationships with the regulars over the last year, and overall, it has just become a place where I’m always happy and uplifted. 

As I walked in on my last day, I had a cardboard box of donuts for the morning crew to with them a farewell as well as a card with some cash in it for a few more boxes of donuts in the future. 

What I wasn’t expecting, however, was to be given a going-away present in return. 

Ever since I started coming to this coffee shop a year ago, my order has remained the same. I get a large hot coffee with some sugar-free caramel and a splash of almond milk. 

P.S. if anybody wants to send me coffee, I will never turn it down.

As I handed the barista the box of donuts and the card, they had handed me a bag. Inside the bag was a $10 gift card for the coffee shop, a bag of coffee beans, a carton of almond milk, and a bottle of sugar-free caramel syrup. Not only that, but they also included a pump for the syrup so now I can have my own little coffee station at home. 

As I sat there in awe, tears began to flood my eyes. Not tears of sadness either, but rather tears of happiness and gratitude. This morning, I was doing nothing but trying to live in the present moment. It was because of this that I realized how truly blessed I was for the coffee shop, for the relationships that I have grown, and for the happiness and joy that I have found.

This morning taught me a few things about living a life of gratitude

living a life of gratitude

1. Life is better when you live with gratitude.

There is a sense of joy and happiness that fills your heart and soul when you decide to live with gratitude. For me, this morning, I simply couldn’t believe that this was my life. It was one of those experiences where because I slowed down and appreciated the life that I was living, I was able to realize how truly blessed I have been and how amazing my life truly is. 

This morning also made me realize how incredible the people in my life are. Not just my family and friends, but also those whom I used to consider strangers. There were not any negative thoughts running through my mind, just thoughts of happiness and joy.

It’s better to live a life of gratitude. Negativity is diminished and life becomes more enjoyable to live. Who wouldn’t want that? 

2. Living a life of gratitude is a decision.

Much like happiness, kindness, and any other emotion, gratitude is a decision to make. There are many things that we could all complain about: the challenges that we are currently facing, the financial struggles we may be going through, the struggles in relationships, etc. The thing is, though, what good is it going to do to focus on the bad? Focusing on the bad will only stop you from appreciating all of the good, and there is far more good in life than there is bad.

When you wake up in the morning, think about and write down some of the things you are thankful for. Anything and everything you are thankful for, simply write it down. If you start your day focusing on what you are grateful for, odds are that you will carry this feeling throughout the majority of the day. 

3. It emphasizes the positives in life. 

When you prioritize gratitude in your life, even the smallest act of kindness can make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. When you feel like this, there is very little that can drag you down. You are less irritable, more enjoyable to be around, and you attract a lot more of the same emotions that you radiate. 

As I sat in the coffee shop this morning, the small gift that I had received will be one that I will never forget. It wasn’t the largest gift by any means, but it’s one that I am beyond grateful for, and that feeling of gratitude is what made it special. It helped me to realize how blessed I am for the relationships that I grew, for the kindness that I gave to my new friends at the coffee shop, and for how good my life is in general. 

How to Live a Life of Gratitude

Showing gratitude is one of the only free things that you can do that will drastically improve your life. 

If you’re interested in living a life of gratitude and happiness, here are some things that will help you to do so.

– Morning writing. After you make your bed in the morning and brush your teeth, take a few minutes and write down five things you are thankful for from the previous day, and five things you are thankful for in life. This will help to put you into a positive state of mind before you get going with your day.

– Say thank you. This is the easiest thing that we can do to show gratitude, but yet it’s something that we all overlook. When someone does something nice for you, no matter what the act may be, try to remember to say thank you, and make sure it’s sincere.

– Give back. How often do you go out of your way and give back to others? Not just with money, but with time, attention, kind gestures, compliments, or anything really? Well, do more of it. However you see fit, go out of your way to give back. Nothing shows how grateful you are than to spread generosity through the lives of others. 

– Slow down and live. The best way to live a life of gratitude and happiness is to slow down and live your life to the absolute fullest. This is your one life to live. If you really want to show how grateful you are for it, you will learn to appreciate each and every moment for the true gift that it is. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are happy with where you are at in life, or if you are searching for something more, gratitude will help you to take your life to the next level and to find a sense of happiness in which you have never felt before. Find all that is good in your life and focus on all that is good instead of all that is wrong. 

Life truly is a blessing, so live with gratitude and happiness will follow.

Michael Bonnell

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