Live For You: Find and Follow Your Truth

find and follow your truth

find and follow your truth

Find and follow your truth

Whatever it is that you are experiencing in life, find and follow your truth. If we cannot find and follow our own truths in life, then we cannot be authentic. The way I see it, being true to yourself is a two step process. Each and every day, we should strive to become the person that we want to become in life. Not the person that others want us to be, but who we want to be. We also need to remove what is not true about ourselves and what is preventing us from being authentic.

So why is it so important to find and follow your truth? Because if you don’t, you will be living a life of lies. All of your beliefs will be based off of fabrications, judgements, and the misinterpretations of others. Instead of living your best life, you will be living a life based on the beliefs of everyone else around you.

This is a topic that gets me fired up, so bare with me. I have spent the majority of my life giving a you know what about what other people think about me. I was not athletic enough, I was not smart enough, I was not good looking enough. You name it, I probably heard it. Yeah, me and every other person in this world.

We all get judged on a daily basis, and the sad things is that the majority of us actually listen. But instead of listening, we should be ignoring. Adapting to these judgements and trying to be someone that I wasn’t didn’t help me in anyway whatsoever. Actually, it only hurt me. I allowed the words and thoughts of others into my head, I listened to them, and I eventually believed them. As a result of listening, I was diagnosed with depression, which led to anxiety, which led to my eating disorder. See the pattern?

I thought I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the long run, and I didn’t know if I would ever be able to recover. All of those years of listening to what others thought about me and acting like someone that I wasn’t were finally catching up to me. Ok, I am not going to go into a long story of how I let the thoughts of others control my life because it is my own fault, and because you have probably read it before.

What finally got me to reach a certain breaking point in my life was realizing that life is too short to give a damn about what other people think. I mean seriously, why the heck do we let the thoughts of others dicated our beliefs? Eminem was right, you do only have one shot, and one opportunity to seize everything you have ever wanted. Yes, I did just quote a rap song, but it is the truth. Your life is your one opportunity to seize everything that you want.

In trying to find positivity and happiness in my life, I have learned to take full responsibility. It is my fault that I lived a certain way for so long, it is my fault that I let the words of others get to me, and it is my fault that I did not find and follow my own truth. That isn’t me putting myself down in anyway at all. That is me taking responsibility for my actions and growing from them.

“What you live with you learn, what you learn you practice, what you practice you become, and what you become has consequences.” These are the words of Ernie Larson. I realized that I was surrounding myself with all of the wrong thoughts in life. If we want to change and if we want to excel, we need to surround ourselves with the thoughts that will lead us to our goals. Caring about what others think won’t get you there. You will only get there when you find and follow your own truth.

I want to conclude this by once again saying how happy I am in life, and how proud of myself that I am. Yes, I say this a lot, but it beats the contrary. While I will never be perfect or always have positive thoughts, I have accepted and grown from my mistakes, and moved on. Everyday, I am following my passion and living the life that I want to live. I have found and have followed my truth.

My hope and prayers are that you learn from my mistakes in life. Find and follow your truth. Be the unique individual that you are meant to be, and love the life that you were given. Focus on your beliefs, and use those to guide you in life. This is your one shot, and your one opportunity to seize everything you have ever wanted. Don’t let it slip. Find and follow your truth, and capture your dreams.

Michael Bonnell



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