Let’s Talk About Money and Our Fear of Talking About It

let's talk about money
let's talk about money
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Let’s talk about money…

On July 2nd of 2018, Lebron James signed a 4-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers that was worth $153,312,846. All of it by the way is guaranteed. The contract would make James the best-paid NBA player having earned over $387.2 million over the course of what will then be his 19th season in the league. 

It’s also important to know that this contract is strictly in regards to the salary he has made in the NBA. It is not including his endorsements with Sprite and Powerade, Beats Electronics, Blaze Pizza, State Farm, Verizon, or his largest endorser, Nike, who is believed to be paying LeBron over $1 billion by the time he’s 64 years old

All of this information can be found in a fraction of a second through Google, newspaper outlets, and other media sources. Nearly every single one of Lebron’s contracts will show the exact dollar amount that Lebron will make over the course of the deal. 

Let’s face it, we love to see it. As a society, we crave to know how much athletes are worth, how much movie stars and musicians are worth, how much political leaders are worth, but when it comes to how much we are worth, we negate the topic and use privacy as an excuse. Yes, for this, we are hypocrites. We will do research to find out how much others are worth but won’t share how much we are worth.

I filed my yearly taxes for the 2018 year in January of 2019. Throughout 2018, I made a few hundred dollars shy of $60,000. As a then 25-year-old, I don’t consider that to be bad… not bad at all. 

I am paid on both an hourly rate and a commission structure given that I meet my quota every month. All-in-all, I can make anywhere from $52,000 a year all the way up to $66,000. This number is what I make before taxes, 401k, insurance, or any other bill is taken out.

My purpose for writing this isn’t to brag about how much I make, it isn’t to make anybody feel down about how much they make, and it isn’t to say that I am strictly worth $60,000. In fact, my purpose is the exact opposite. 

I wanted to share with you how much I make on a yearly basis because the topic of money doesn’t really bother me. It doesn’t define who I am as a person, but it is a tool that helps me to fuel my passion and purpose of hoping to better the lives of those around me.

Let's Talk About Money

Money Is A Tool

Have you ever noticed how focusing on the negatives only translates into more negatives? Or how focusing on the positives translates into more positives? The same is true with money. The more you focus on money, the more you will make. But the more you treat money like your deepest and darkest secret, the more you distance yourself from it. 

We all need money to survive, but yet we keep it such a secret to the point where it will eventually become a scarcity in our lives the more we try to hide it. If you aren’t willing to talk about money and attract it into your life, then it is never going to come. And without money, you can’t buy food, shelter, clothes, or any other want and desire that you may have.

You Are Ultimately In Control

Everybody wants to help change the world, end world poverty, cure disease, and provide shelter for all of the homeless, but don’t we need money to do so? Well, you can’t give something that you don’t have, and if you aren’t willing to at least talk about money, the more you are only going to push it away from ever coming into your life. Think of all the good that you could do with money, all of the lives that you could change, and how much better of a world you could make it for others

Money doesn’t make people good or bad. It’s what people choose to do with that money that makes them good or bad. And regardless of wealth, there are always good and bad people out there. That’s just the reality of life.

You can either use the money that you have to help change the world, or you can use it as a means to be greedy, but always know that money will never control you unless you allow it to. It does not define who you are as a person, but it will always show your true colors. 

Stop Fearing Money

We all love it, we all need it, and we all wish we had more of it. Money isn’t meant to be feared. It’s meant to be used as a tool to help us obtain our dreams and our desires. Once you stop fearing money, only then will you start to attract more of it into your life. 

Choose to make more money so that you can do more good in the world with the money that you make. You can’t give what you don’t have, and if you truly want to create a lasting impact in the world, money can help you with that. It isn’t the only way to create a lasting impact, but it will definitely help.

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