Let Go Of Control And Live In The Moment

Let Go Of Control And Live In The Moment

Let Go Of Control And Live In The Moment

Let Go Of Control And Live In The Moment

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed when I am the happiest with my life. No, it isn’t when I am jam packed busy, or when I have every single moment of my day mapped out. I am happiest when I let go of control and live in the moment. Lately, this has been one of my priorities. Letting go of control allows me to be present in the moment and to enjoy every moment for what it is worth. Let me tell you, since prioritizing a free and open mindset, I have never been happier in my entire life.

I used to think that control would bring me happiness in life. I started planning every minute of my day, started repeating my steps from the day before, and fell into a pattern of repetitiveness. It was my way of keeping myself occupied. When I was bored, my depression would take over my mind and negativity would seep in. But just like dieting and exercising, the need for control quickly became an obsession of mine. My days would be ruined if I wasn’t home by a certain time, or if I missed a workout, or if I didn’t have control of what I was eating for dinner.

The truth is, the desire to have control consumed me. There was no wiggle room in my daily routine. No wiggle room with what I did throughout the day, no variety in the foods that I ate, and no flexibility in the way that I lived my life. Everything had to be mapped out and followed according to my plan. Because I was scared of change and had an obsession of needing control, I missed making many memories in my life. Every day, I would wake up and start my morning the same way. I would eat the same foods, and follow the same path as yesterday. My life was like a song stuck on repeat.

There is no magic formula that allows us to let go of control and live in the moment. It honestly just takes time. We all reach breaking points at sometime in our life. It was a breaking point of being too unorganized in my life that led me to develop the desire to control everything. Now, it has become the breaking point of having too much control to the point where I miss creating memories. No amount of control is worth missing making memories with the people that you love.

I battle with the thought of control everyday. There are some days where I am solely focused on the present moment. There are also days where I still fight with the desire to control everything around me. The point is, we are not going to be perfect. Instead of trying to be perfect, just focus on being the best that you can be. When the desire to have control kicks in, focus on breathing and your inner strength. We all have the ability to achieve anything that we want, we just need to believe.

When I started to learn to let go of control and live in the moment, I first started by letting go of only the small things. I knew that starting small wouldn’t stress me out as much to the point where it would break me. At the same time, it helped me to find courage in myself. It also helped to reinforce the belief that I could once again live a free life. Once I was comfortable letting go of the lesser controlling areas in my life, only then did I gradually start letting go of the greater controlling areas of my life.

Once we learn to let go of control and live in the moment, life will suddenly become enjoyable again. This isn’t to say that you need to let go of every area of your life, just focus the things that you obsess over. Focus on the things that do not benefit you or others around you. Take your time, reward your accomplishment, and live a free and happier life. That is how life is meant to be lived.

Michael Bonnell



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