The 5 Keys To Building Self-Confidence

keys to building self-confidence
keys to building self-confidence

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Here’s the scoop. Self-confidence is crucial to any and all success. Without being confident in yourself, how can you be confident in any of your actions or decisions?

Quite simply put, you can’t.

How do you gain self-confidence, though? I mean, when you lack self-confidence, odds are that trying to build your self-confidence is going to seem next to impossible. You are left feeling just as uncertain as any other actions or decisions that you think about making in life.

I am currently reading Think and Grow Rich, and while I wanted to say that these were tips that I came up with, I couldn’t find myself to lie like that. So instead, I want to share the 5 keys to building self-confidence as shared by Napolean Hill, but with my own twist on them. It wasn’t until I read these tips that I saw how true they were to be.

5 Keys To Building Self-Confidence

1. Know that you have the ability to achieve your goals.

Seriously, once you determine in your mind that you can achieve any and all of your goals, then there isn’t anything that can stand in the way of you actually doing so. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.

Demand of yourself that you will achieve your goals, be persistent, continue to work towards your goals, and promise to yourself that you will stop at nothing short of success.

2. Realize that your thoughts become your reality.

The majority of your thoughts will become your reality. If your thoughts are negative, so too will become of your reality. If your thoughts are positive, your reality will be as well.

Take some time in your day to focus on your thoughts. Focus only on positive thoughts and affirmations. Create that picture in your mind of the person who you want to become, and gradually, those thoughts will transform into their physical existence.

3. Practice self-confidence.

Any desire in your mind will seek expression. Just like I mentioned in the last paragraph, whatever the dominating thoughts are in your mind, those thoughts will consume your physical life.

This is why you need to practice self-confidence building techniques. Self-confidence isn’t just an emotion, it is a skill as well. And just like with any other skill that you wish to improve on, you need to practice it. Practice positive affirmations, tell yourself that you are capable of greatness, and reward yourself for any progress that you make.

4. Write down your life’s image.

Write down every goal that you want to achieve, every detail of how you want your life to look, and the emotions that you wish to feel. Reflect on this image daily and envision yourself living this life. Why should you do this? Because any image that you repeat in your mind over and over again will shape into your reality while improving your self-confidence.

5. Know your truth and follow it.

You have to follow your dreams and ambitions. If you don’t follow your truth, you will never be able to build your self-confidence because you will always be living your life in the shadows of others. Know your truth, eliminate hatred from your life, and consume your life with all that you want to become.

Final thoughts.

The truth is, whatever you think of yourself will become your reality. If you want to become happier, more motivated, more successful, or even live a better life than the one that you are currently living, then building your self-confidence is a crucial aspect in doing so.

You do have the ability to achieve any and all of your dreams. With hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset, there isn’t anything that you can’t achieve. So believe in yourself, and make it your mission to be better today than you were yesterday.

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