How To Significantly Increase Your Earnings as a Shipt Shopper

increase your earnings as a shipt shopper
increase your earnings as a shipt shopper

Shipt is one of the best and easiest ways to make a little extra money, especially if you are somebody who loves to grocery shop. 

Personally, I enjoy shopping. It’s a good way to get me out of the house and interacting with others. The fact that I am now getting paid to do it is only an added bonus. 

While I may still be relatively new when it comes to using the delivery service, I have a few tips that I think will help you to significantly increase your earnings on Shipt. Aside from one of these tips (as I am not qualified yet), these are the tips that have helped me to average $27.63 per delivery. Granted that each order and delivery takes roughly an hour to complete, that’s $27.63 per hour. 

Not bad for a little weekend side-hustle. 

Here are 4 tips that will help you to significantly increase your earnings on Shipt. 

1. Write every customer a thank you note. 

Yes, I am being serious here. If it weren’t for the customer, you would not have the opportunity to make money in the first place. The customer could have gone to the store on their own, but they chose to use Shipt, and the fact that you are getting a nice commission is definitely worth a thank you note. 

Plus, when you spread kindness to others, they tend to do the same in return. Whether it’s in the form of tipping you or doing good in the world, extending an act of kindness is a win-win.

Just to give you a little bit of insight into how effective this can be, out of my 4 deliveries so far, I wrote a thank you note to 3 customers. Out of my 4 deliveries so far, only 1 hasn’t left a tip. I’ll let you take a guess at which one didn’t. 

I bought a pack of 10 thank you notes for $5 at my local grocery store. I keep them in the center counsel of my car so that when I deliver, I can just write on up and stuff it into one of the bags. So far, I would dare say that the $5 initial investment I made has been well worth it. 

increase your earnings as a Shipt Shopper

2. Be lively and energetic when you deliver.

Nobody wants some random stranger coming to their house all down on life and just saying “here ya go” while handing the customer the groceries and walking away. Would you want that kind of service when you go out to eat at a restaurant? Not a chance!

Again, it all ties back to the fact that this is a way for you to make money. The customer didn’t have to order through Shipt, but they did, and because of them doing so, you are now privileged enough to have an extra way to make some money. 

The point is, be happy, be lively, be kind, and just be the type of person you would want others to be if they were delivering to you. Make a good first impression on the customer. 

3. Offer to carry their groceries in.

This one is all about going above and beyond for the customer. Again, not everybody is going to tip you, and that’s alright. The nice thing about Shipt is that you don’t have to rely on tips in order to make money. It’s just an added bonus. 

But, if you want to increase the odds of getting a few extra dollars, then be willing to go above and beyond for the customer. Don’t just leave their order on the steps unless they request you to. Offer to take the groceries in and set them on the counter. 

Anything you can do to go above and beyond for the customer is always going to be worth it. 

4. Accept promo offers. 

This is the tip that I am not quite qualified for yet. In order to accept promo offers, you have to have completed at least 10 orders with an average rating above 4.5. Once you do that, then you can start accepting promo orders. 

What’s nice about the promo orders is that they are constant. Every time I turn on the app (especially in the afternoon or evening) there are orders that have a $15 promotion next to them. That means if you accept one of these orders, you are given an additional $15 from Shipt. That’s on top of the fee you get for initially delivering the order and on top of the tip that you could potentially receive. 

Yeah, accepting promo orders is a great way to watch the money stack up, and stack up quickly. 

They also have monthly offers as well. One that I just saw that to complete 35 orders in the next 30 days to earn an additional $350. That’s $350 for doing just one order a day!!!!! 

Final Thoughts

If you are in need of some extra money, Shipt is a great way to earn it. Aside from that, I believe that these tips will help you to take it to the next level and help you to significantly increase your earnings as a Shipt Shopper. 

So far, I will say that it has been fun, it is enjoyable, and it’s something that I am definitely going to be doing a lot more of. 

If you want to get started, feel free to use my referral code here. Yes, I will get a $50 bonus once you complete 10 orders.  The referral code is D5A705. Once you complete 10 orders, you too can get an extra $50.

Michael Bonnell

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