Improve Yourself Before Improving Others

improve yourself before improving others

improve yourself before improving others

Make a greater impact by improving yourself before improving others.

Do you ever notice how much time we spend focusing on other people instead of focusing on our own lives first? It seems that if we are not spending every waking moment focusing on what others think about us, then we spend our time thinking about what others need to improve on in lives of their own. Here is a crazy wild idea, how about we focus on improving ourselves before improving others?

Let’s be real, we all do it. There are times where I say to myself, “I wish this person would like me.” or “This person really needs to be doing this in their life.”  The truth is, we are spending more time trying to change others instead of actually giving them a good reason for why it is that they should change. No matter what, as long as we keep trying to force our beliefs into the faces of others instead of showing them good reasons, nothing will ever change.

Think of it this way. The last time that you were walking down a city straight and a stranger pushed a piece of paper into your face, odds are you probably found the nearest trash can and threw it away. But if that person would have stopped you and gave you something, or asked if they could help you, you probably would have gave them some of your time, right?

So what got me thinking about this was my very own writing. The more I fall in love with the idea of making an impact through my writing, the more I keep asking myself, “What am I actually doing with this? What do I see myself doing through my writing in the future? How is the message that I am trying to deliver similar and different to what I actually writing? Am I even helping to make an impact in the life of others, or am I trying to force my beliefs into the faces of others?”

Again, I told you my brain seems to process at a million miles per hour.

The more that I have been asking myself these questions, the more I have been reflecting on my purpose. As my intention is to help others in life, maybe I am approaching it all wrong. Maybe I am focusing too much on how other people live their lives. Maybe I am spending too much time telling others to change instead of giving them a reason to change. And without a reason, how can I expect anyone to catch on. 

While my goal is to help others, I also don’t want to being telling anybody how to live their life. My mission is to provide value to others through sharing some of the piss poor decisions that I have made in my life. I do not have all of the answers in life, and I don’t want to act like I do. I just personally believe that life is about being happy, and I want to show others that despite the many mistakes that we make in life, we can live whatever life it is that we desire.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi.

Use what Gandhi says for an example. If you want change in the world, then you need to be the change. Show others what that change looks like. Initiate the change that you want to see in the world by implementing that change into your own life first. And that is something that we all need to do a better job of doing.

If you are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, live a healthy lifestyle yourself and show others the benefit to living that lifestyle. If you are trying to motivate others in their life, then show others the benefits of focusing on motivation. Whatever it is that you might trying to change, just make sure that you are focusing on it in your own life before focusing on it in the lives of others.

We all have the ability to make an impact in the world that we live in, and we all have the ability to be leaders. We just need to be willing to embrace change, and have the willingness to continue to work on improving ourselves before improving the lives of others.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be perfect. But you don’t need to be perfect in order to make an impact in the world. You just need to be, well, you. So be a leader, be a difference maker, and make an impact. Bring your uniqueness to the world, and let it shine. Improve yourself before improving others, and make a lasting and meaningful difference.

Michael Bonnell



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