Why I Choose To Focus On Happiness

choose to focus on happiness

choose to focus on happiness

A lot of my life is focused around accomplishing my goals and living the best life that I can. I know, that seems weird, right? Who would want to accomplish their goals and live an amazing life?

But if you think about it, how many people actually choose to pursue their dreams in life? How many people are willing to do whatever it takes to make their dreams become a reality? And how many people are willing to chase without ever give up? Unfortunately, not everyone.  

No matter what it is that we want to accomplish in our life, a lot of what we actually do accomplish comes down to the belief in ourselves, and our willingness to work towards whatever it is that we want.

Yes, if we truly want something bad enough, we are going to have to believe in ourselves, and work harder than we ever have before. There is no easy way around that. And being happy is no exception.

It seems that all I can do lately is look back, reflect, and smile at how far I have come over the last six months. Trust me, I know that I bring up my struggles a lot. But that is because a large portion of my life was consumed by them. That is how I can best put my thoughts into words for others to relate to.

For almost six years of my life, I dealt with my mental illnesses and negativity on a daily basis. Even if I was having a “good day,” it still wouldn’t be nearly as good as what a bad day is now. There would still be the doubt, the anxiety, the fear of not having control, and the feeling of not amounting to anything.

But now, I bring up my past struggles so much for the simple fact that I truly am happy. I am able to look back and smile at the progress that I have made. I am able to see how amazing my life is. And quite frankly, it’s still a new and weird feeling for me. I actually… enjoy it. Never in my life have I been this happy for as long as I have been. And it is because I choose to be.

I choose to focus on happiness because it is fun. The adventures that I am experiencing, the memories that I am creating, and the overall love that I have for my life is something that I am beyond grateful for.  

I choose to focus on happiness simply because it beats the alternative. I have had enough negativity over the last six years to last a lifetime, and I am done with it. In my opinion, happiness beats negativity any day of the week.

I choose to focus on happiness because I want to make a greater impact. Happiness brings people together, and happiness makes life much more enjoyable for every living being. If I can help shed some light on someone else’s day, then I am fulfilling my purpose in life.

I choose to focus on happiness because it’s who I want to be. We all go through many struggles and tough times throughout the course of our life. But our struggles will never define us unless we allow them to. If my purpose is to help others overcome struggles of their own and help to them find happiness in life, then I first need to choose to be happy in my own life. I want to be remembered as a person who lived to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and as someone who loved life.

And I choose to focus on happiness for many more reasons, but none are more important to me than the fact that overall just makes me happy. When I am happy, I am better. And when I am better, I have the opportunity to help others become better as well.

Why do you choose to focus on happiness?

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