How To Appreciate The Little Things In Life

how to appreciate the little things in life

how to appreciate the little things in life

How to appreciate the little things in life

It is hard for me to think that I am already 25 years old. Some of you might be wishing that you were still 25, but for me, life just feels like it has gone by too fast. Even at the age of 25, I still find myself struggling on a daily basis. I am not talking about the struggles of growing up and taking on more responsibilities in life. I mean, whether I like it or not, these responsibilities are going to come. The type of struggle that I am talking about has to do with maturity. No matter how much older I am getting, I oftentimes act out because I forget how to appreciate the little things in life.

I am not one to really look back in time and regret the past, but I will look back in time if I can learn from my past. See, regret doesn’t do anything for me. If you learn from your previous actions, well that is a different story, but never regret your past. It is only going to cause you to go crazy in your own head.

So back to the weekend. On Friday (my birthday),  I woke up feeling incredibly tired and sick. This was actually how I felt all of last week. But on Friday, no matter how much I tried to cheer myself up, I was just in the mental state of not giving a shit about anything. The uplifting podcasts were blaring, Christian music was turned up, and still nothing. For me, it just felt like another day that was going to come and go. I was ready to just take the “L” on my birthday and go home to sleep. Then I remembered something. I remembered how I always talk about focusing on the positives to create a better future.

Because I was in such a down mood, I wasn’t appreciating the 25 balloons and donuts that my sister put in my car overnight, I wasn’t appreciating the cupcakes that my coworkers got me, and I wasn’t appreciating all of the people that were wishing me a happy birthday on social media. Instead, I was too caught up in letting the stress of life ruin my day.

Once I realized that my mood was entirely my choice, I decided to change it. Instead of focusing on things that I couldn’t control, I had to focus on how to appreciate the little things in life. I realized that didn’t need an extravagant party to make me feel special. I didn’t need loads of gifts from people to show me how much they care about me. What I really needed was to be around the people that matter the most to me. That is exactly what happened.

After work, I met up with my parents and we headed to my favorite restaurant for dinner. We had a good meal, a few beers, and more importantly, we were with each other. It was not anything over the top, but it was something that we have been doing on my birthday for years, and it was something that meant a lot to me. To be completely honest, the best part about my night was watching my niece devour my chocolate cake and ice cream. It reminded me of watching Augustus Cloop in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. I have never seen a three year old take down a chocolate cake faster than she did.

In what started out as a bad day, it turned out to be one of the best birthdays of my entire life. All of the happiness because I decided to appreciate the little things in life. Sure I got gifts, but it was about much more than any gift. It was being able to spend time with the people who mean the most to me and doing something memorable. Creating memories with my family and friends is what I live life for, and I wouldn’t have chosen to spend my birthday any other way.

The reason that I am sharing this story with you is because we all need to learn how to appreciate the little things in life a little better. Are luxurious things nice to have? Sure, but they are never going to give you the happiness that what think as “the little things” will. Life is too short to go walking around in a ticked off mood. Learn how to appreciate the little things in life. Learn how to cherish the memories that you are making, and learn to live in the moment. I assure you, once you start living in the moment and cherish the blessings that you already have, you will find happiness and joy in life. At least I know that I have.

So to my parents, thank you for making my birthday the best one yet. Thank you for dealing with my attitude, and thank you for doing everything in your power to make my day as memorable as it was. To my niece, thank you for coming to dinner, eating my cake, and being apart of my life. To my sisters, thank you. Thank you for always accepting the fact that I am the favorite child and for helping to raise me. And to my friends, thank you for the birthday wishes. All of this collectively makes me realize that I am the luckiest person on this planet.

Michael Bonnell



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