How Positive Thinking Changed My Life For The Better

how positive thinking changed my life

how positive thinking changed my life

How Positive Thinking Changed My Life

In looking back at my life, it is incredible to see the enormous change that I made within a small matter of time. In a short matter of time, my life went from nothing but negativity and fear to a life of positivity and excitement. Throughout this time, I have learned a lot about myself. I have once again found excitement and enjoyment in my life, and I have once again found my purpose. All of this because I decided to focus on one thing – positivity. Here is how positive thinking changed my life.

I was reading this blog, and came across the idea for this post. I want to show you what my life looked like before, and how positive thinking changed my life after making it a priority. The differences are drastic, but I feel that they are for the better.

My Life Before Positive Thinking

Before I started to focus my attention on positive thinking, my emotions were somewhat unpredictable. I could have been in a good mood one minute and going on a complete rampage the next minute. Even if nothing had happened, there was just no predicting my emotions. It felt as if this cloud of negativity was following me on a daily basis.

Aside from negativity, my life was in a constant repeating cycle in which I was not willing to break. I would wake up, go to work, workout, eat, watch tv, sleep, and repeat. There was no change in my daily pattern, in my daily workouts, or in my daily meals.

The weekends were much of the same. Wake up, workout, come home and watch tv. It was very rare for me to leave my house on the weekends and actually do something that was enjoyable. It was not as if I didn’t want to create new memories, I was just scared of not having control in my life.

My Life After Focusing On Positive Thinking

To be honest, I am the happiest that I have ever been and it is because I focus on positivity, and because I don’t have a plan. I don’t know what I am going to be eating tonight for dinner, what I am going to do, or what friends I am going to hang out with. I just play it by ear. Instead of living a life that has to be planned set and stone, I am focusing simply on living for the moment and enjoying new adventures.

My self confidence is at an all-time high and it is because I don’t let fear control my life anymore. I walk around tall and proud for the person that I am becoming, and for the strides that I have made in my life. Personally, I believe that life is way too short to live it in fear, and so this is something that I am trying to eliminate from my life.

The Results

The last few weeks, I have received two of the best compliments that I can ever remember receiving. What made these compliments so special to me, was that they were from people that care about me and love me. People who have seen my struggles and who want nothing but the best from me.

The first compliment came from my parents. For those who actually follow me, my parents are my best friends in life. I went over at their house for dinner one night. I was just spent the evening enjoying some good food and playing tag with my niece. Pretty common, right? But it wasn’t for me.

My parents told me how happy they were to see me enjoying life again. Something that may seem so simple to some had left me absolutely speechless. Not only was I happy that others noticed that I was happy in life, but I was living my best life so far, and because I was making my parents proud.

The second came from my sister’s best friend, someone that I have known since I was in middle school. In the past, she was worried about me. She was worried to the point where she asked my sister if I was okay. Ever since then, I just wasn’t as comfortable around her (my fault, not hers) until two weeks ago.

A few weekends ago, my sister through a bachelorette party for her friend. I knew I was going to see her friend, but felt somewhat nervous. Her friend took one look at me and told me how good I looked. And it was sincere. Just from hearing her compliment, my whole week got better. It was nice to know that I wasn’t just making progress in my own eyes, but also in the eyes of others.

Life is too short to live with negativity and live in fear. Do something new, focus on the positives, and live your best life every single day. Since I have started focusing on positivity, my life has been the best it has even been. I am excited to jump out of bed in the morning and see what the day has to offer me. I am excited to go out there, work my butt off, and have a smile on my face. More importantly, I am just once again excited to live. That wasn’t something that I always cared about… So yeah, that is how positive thinking changed my life.

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