How Did I Get So Lucky In My Life?

how did i get so lucky

how did i get so lucky

How did I get so lucky?

Do you ever just wonder why things happen the way that they do in life? Do you ever just wonder what might have been the result if one simple thing in your life might have happened differently? Well, here we go with another deep post.

Maybe you don’t get lost in your thoughts as much as I do, but for me, I wonder about everything. Why things happen, what might have been, ect. But the thing that I thinking about the most recently, is how did I get so lucky?

I was driving home from work yesterday with a smile on my face and feeling nothing but happiness and gratitude. The sun was setting over the beautiful autumn trees, the music was playing through the speakers of my car, and after a long day at work, I just let my mind wander. The thought that kept coming to my mind, well, I am sure you can guess them. How in the world did I get so lucky?

How did I get so lucky to live this amazing gift of life? Out of everything that is alive on this planet, here I am, a human. Not to get in to probabilities or anything, but the odds of being born are one in 400 trillion. That is what I would call a miracle.

Not only that, but how did I get so lucky to be born into the most amazing family? A family who loves me for the imperfect person that I am. A family where everyone goes out of their way for one another. And a family where we are all each other’s best friends. At least I think so…

Then, I started thinking about the place that I had just left from, my work. How did I get so lucky to get the job that I have? I know that I talk about wanting to be my own boss someday, but the truth is, I freaking love my job. The people that I work with, the environment, the opportunity, and the company that I work for. Everything there is amazing. As a 25 year old, I honestly see my job as one of the biggest blessings in my life.

After 30 minutes of getting lost in my thoughts, I finally arrived home. To top is off, I sat in my driveway for a bit, and started laughing. I know it sounds cliche, but I was laughing because of how blessed I felt to have a home. A warm, and a cozy place where I feel safe and protected protected, and a place where I am able to put my head to sleep at night.

The thing is, I actually do believe that everything in life is a blessing. Even if it is something bad, I still think of it as a blessing. Why? Because if one thing in my life would have gone any differently, who knows where I would be. Who knows if I would even still be here. But good or bad, everything that has happened to me up until now has helped to shape my life into what it is today.

If we didn’t experience the bad parts of life, then maybe we wouldn’t have found the good, or our strength to help overcome difficulties. If we would have left our house one minute earlier this morning, who knows if we would have made it to our destination safely. I know, it’s deep, and it isn’t something that we often want to think about, but just try it. Try it and be grateful that everything has turned out the way that it has.

There is so much uncertainty in our daily life. We don’t know if we are going to alive tomorrow, in a year, or in ten years. And everything that has happened to us up until this point, has all helped to create the beautiful story that is called our life. Let me tell you, I wouldn’t change one thing in my life. 

So enjoy it. Live each moment like it is your last, and always be the best person that you can be. Look at the bad as learning experiences in life, and be grateful that your life has helped turn you into the amazing person that you are today.

Michael Bonnell



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