Hold the Door Open For Someone – 100 Random Acts of Kindness (Day 4)

hold the door open
hold the door open

I have been in a rush all morning. So much so that every time I take a deep breath in, I feel this stabbing pain in my shoulder. My body is tight, my mind is racing, and my anxiety is peaking. 

I rolled out of bed with the expectation of going to the gym and getting a good workout in before heading to work.

When I got there, though, I remembered that the gym bag with my workout shoes had been stolen and I had left my other ones at home. 

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No problem. I took it as a sign to take my dog on a run instead. 

Before I made it home, I went to a coffee shop to surprise my sister with a growler of cold brew. As I was waiting in the turn lane to pull into the coffee shop, four cars turned in before me. They all got out of their cars and raced in. 

I assumed that this was going to create a long line that I really didn’t want to wait in, so I left, drove home, and threw on some running clothes. 

My dog is not the most athletic dog, at least not when she doesn’t want to be. There are times where she is incredibly lazy and will just stop in the middle of walks to lay down. Well, today was one of those days. I had so much energy and stress that I was trying to burn off, and she just wanted to go slow and take her sweet old time. 

What should have been a 30-minute run turned into a 50-minute somewhat of a run but mainly walk. 

When I finally made it home, I looked at the clock and realized that I was behind schedule. My mind started racing even faster and my anxiety skyrocketed. I had some things that I wanted to get done before going into work, and at this pace, I wasn’t going to get any of them accomplished. 

I showered, threw on some clothes, jumped in my car, and sped off. 

The entire ride to a coffee shop near my work, my heart had been racing and my body was so tight that I couldn’t move a muscle even if I tried. About five minutes left in my drive, I remembered something that I learned from Michael A Singer. Surrender. Life’s plan is far more important than the plan I have for myself. I needed to surrender to the world around me instead of trying to force my way through life. 

As I remembered this, it all of a sudden became easier to breathe. My body was relaxing, my mind was slowing down, and stillness began to find it’s way back into my life. For the last five minutes of the drive in, I put a smile on my face and accepted everything that was happening around me instead of trying to force my way through. 

I got to the coffee shop, started walking in, only to be followed by this lady who was on my heels. I slowed down for a bit just to help her realize that she was somewhat invading my personal space, and she almost ran into me. 

Let’s just say she looked like she was having the same type of morning that I was having – a morning full of stress and restlessness. 

I got to the door first, and all I was focused on was getting ahead of her in line. The line was already long enough, and I didn’t want to wait any longer to finally get my morning cup of coffee. I especially didn’t want somebody who almost ran into me in an attempt to get ahead of me in the line to actually get their coffee before me. 

But then I remembered to surrender. 

I had been tested all morning, and I was being tested again. Did I have the strength to surrender to the world around me, or was I going to spend the rest of my day trying to force my way through life? 

As I approached the door, I grabbed the handle and stepped to the side. The serious look on this ladies face quickly turned into a smile. As she walked in and said thank you, I smiled back, welcomed her, and I told her to have a great day. 

I don’t know what this lady was going through or why she was in such a rush, or why she first looked like she wanted to hurt me, but being able to put a smile on her face gave me a sense of hope that her day was going to turn around. Maybe she wasn’t even having a bad day, but with the smile that she had on her face as I held the door open for her, I knew that her day was going to be all that much better. 

Again, I’m probably going to say this every day, but you don’t need to be a superhero to change the world. It’s often the small things that add up and create the biggest difference. 

Reach out to a loved one and let them know how much they mean to you, compliment a random stranger, give back in the community, donate things you don’t use anymore. Any way that you can help create a positive change in the world around you, do it. You might not think that it will make a difference, but you just never know how far a random act of kindness can go. 

Michael Bonnell

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