Giving Up Is Never An Option

giving up is never an option
giving up is never an option

Daily Blog #282

This is the time where many of us fall off, quit, and completely give up on not just our new year’s resolutions, but the vast majority of goals in our lives. We experience one small minor hiccup, and for some reason, we allow that hiccup to prevent us from accomplishing our dreams. But I want you to take a moment and think about something. I want you to ask yourself if giving up is going to provide a sense of value to your life, or is giving up is going to get you closer to achieving your dreams?

Now I may not have a Harvard degree (yet), but I can guarantee you that giving up on yourself is going to do you absolutely zero good.

So if giving up is not going to bring us any value, and if giving up is not going to bring us any closer to accomplishing our dreams, then we do we even allow ourselves to do it? Why do we think that giving up on ourselves is even an option?

It’s becoming more transparent to me that I write far too often about the same topics. The only explanation is that I am passion about the same topics, and because I want everyone to see their true potential. I want everyone to see that with a positive mindset, and a strong work ethic, then there truly isn’t anything that we can’t achieve. The more that we say it, and the more that we spread this message of complete greatness, the more we spread it to others, and the more we believe it within ourselves.

When we give up on ourselves, we are not only giving up on what it is that we are working towards, but we are also giving up on everything that we stand for. Think about it, when we quit on ourselves, we are basically telling ourselves that we are not good enough to achieve the things that we want to achieve. We are telling ourselves that our dreams are only going to remain dreams instead of becoming the realities that they were meant to be. And we are telling ourselves that we are not willing to fight and work for the things that we want to achieve.

If this is the way that we are going to approach our dreams, should we ever expect them to become the reality that we dream of them becoming? If this is the belief that we have in ourselves, should we ever expect others to believe in us? And if this is how we see our life, should we ever expect anything good in life to come our way?

Again, something that I talk about often, but something that is so vitally crucial to living a better life – our thoughts become our reality. Whatever we think about ourselves, we become. Whatever we believe we will achieve, we achieve. If you want your dreams to become your reality in anyway, then you need to be willing to work for them, but more importantly, you need to be willing to believe in yourself, and to make yourself your number one priority.

This isn’t meant to be some fluffy, mumbo-jumbo nonsense (although I am starting to realize that it’s exactly what this sounds like). This is nothing but the clear and utter truth. When you don’t believe in yourself and the things that you are capable of achieving, then none of the good things in life are ever going to come your way? But the more you believe in yourself and the things that you are capable of achieving, the more your dreams and desires find a way into your life.

At the end of your life, you will think one of two things. You will either be satisfied and content knowing that you gave your dreams everything that you had, and that you lived your life to the fullest, or you will look back with regret, wishing you would have done more with the precious time that you had.

Right now, you have the ability to prevent that feeling. You can work towards your dreams, and never give up until you achieve them. So work. Work with the mindset that giving up is never an option, and watch what happens.

Michael Bonnell



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